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Samm Desmond

Samm Desmond

Samm Desmond

Co-founder and CTO of Nodesmith.
Samm Desmond

Samm Desmond is the co-founder and CTO of Nodesmith, an experienced full-stack software engineer with extensive experience in building customer-facing applications, low-level backends, and developer-centric scalability APIs . He is excited about the possibilities brought by the decentralized network and smart contract technology.

Qatar Airways launched the metaverse experience website QVerse and the world's first virtual flight attendant "Sama": Jinse Finance reported that Qatar Airways launched the metaverse experience website QVerse and the world's first virtual flight attendant "Sama". Users can access the QVerse website through personal electronic devices, Visit Hamad International Airport (HIA)'s high-end passenger check-in area and the interior of aircraft cabins with luxurious interiors, including the award-winning Qsuite business class, and the comfortable and considerate economy class. [2022/5/16 3:17:37]

SushiSwap announced that Sushi has been deployed on the Kusama parachain Moonriver: On October 26, SushiSwap announced that Sushi has been deployed on the Kusama parachain Moonriver. SUSHI and MOVR will be used to motivate Kusama’s liquidity in the upcoming liquidity mining plan . Sushi has received 25,000 MOVR tokens and 2.5 million future GLMR tokens for the initial launch. These tokens will be used for liquidity mining and ecosystem grants for Moonriver and Moonbeam. The following are the trading pairs that will initially be incentivized on Moonriver: WETH/WBTC, WETH/BNB, WETH/USDT, USDC/USDT, WETH/MOVR, USDC/FRAX, MOVR/MIM. [2021/10/26 20:56:50]

Golden Relativity | StaFi Protocol Li Zipeng: Kusama’s parachain auction is essentially a pre-release for Polkadot: Golden Finance reported that in today’s Golden Theory of Relativity, the most important milestone before the mainnet launch of the “slot auction, What kind of linkage effect will this milestone bring?" and other questions, StaFi Protocol Li Zipeng said that Kusama's parachain auction is essentially a pre-release version for Polkadot. First of all, being able to bid for Polkadot card slots must be endorsed by the project and share Polkadot resources. There will be great advantages in terms of performance, but the cost is also obvious. We are designing the bidding plan, but it has not been finalized yet, because there are still many uncertainties in the card slot auction rules, the DOT amount of the Genesis Auction, the start time and other factors, so we will adjust the bidding according to the latest progress of the above factors Strategy. Anyone who is familiar with the Polkadot PLO auction rules knows that the price is determined by candle auction, and the price of the slot slot will be determined by candle auction rules. However, different from ordinary candle auctions, Polkadot’s parachain auction rules have been adjusted: that is, the Polkadot parachain auction has a certain time, but after the auction time ends normally, a random auction that appeared in the past auction process will be randomly selected. The block number is used as the random number at the end of the auction, and the bidder with the highest bid before this block will be the final winner. Therefore, there are still many game strategies in the middle, so we need to observe the actual situation of the auction of the parachain card slot on Kusam first, so as to adjust the auction of the Polkadot parachain card slot in a targeted manner. [2020/12/11 14:56:15]

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Samm Desmond
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