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Maksym Zavershynskyi

Maksym Zavershynskyi

Maksym ZavershynskyiNEAR

The engineering experts at NEAR Research Analytics.
Maksym Zavershynskyi

Maksym Zavershynskyi is an engineering specialist for NEAR Research Analysis. He is a Ph.D. in theoretical computer science, an expert in machine learning, and previously worked at Google on geolocation and positioning, advertising, and more.

MakerDAO risk director predicted in 2018 that LUNA would eventually collapse: Jinse Finance reported that former MakerDAO smart contract leader and Ethereum developer Mariano Conti shared on social media in 2018 that Linda Xie quoted MakerDAO risk director Cyrus Younessi’s judgment on LUNA . On April 20, 2018, Cyrus Younessi pointed out that there is a problem with the structure of Terra (LUNA) and its TerraUSD (UST) stable currency, because the "single asset" supports too much deposit, when the two cryptocurrencies (stable currency and its base token) ) are racing toward zero, investors' panic can easily trigger the "death spiral" mechanism. Cyrus Younessi explained at the time: "If investors panic, LUNA will fall, and then Terra will continue to fall, killing each other, similar to the algorithmic stablecoin NuBits (USNBT) that appeared in 2016." [2022/7/24 2: 33:46]

News | The Maker Foundation launched 5 executive votes, including setting the Sai stability fee rate at 9.5%: According to official news, the Interim Governance Facilitator of the Maker Foundation has added a new executive vote to the voting system , which will enable the community to approve changes to the following parts of the protocol:

1. Increase the Dai debt ceiling by 25 million to 150 million Dai;

2. Set the savings rate difference of Dai to 0%;

3. Set the stable rate of Sai to 9.5%;

4. Reduce the minimum remaining auction (Surplus Auction) bid to 2%;

5. Set the Governance Security Module (GSM) delay to 24 hours. [2020/2/22]

News | MakerDAO launched a new administrative vote to lower the stability fee rate to 5.5%: MakerDAO officially released news that the temporary risk team of the Maker Foundation has incorporated a new administrative voting proposal into the voting system. The stabilization rate was lowered from 9.5% to 5.5%. [2019/10/27]

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Maksym Zavershynskyi
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