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Alex Potsides

Alex Potsides

Alex PotsidesIPFS

Software Development Engineer at Protocol Labs.
Alex Potsides

Alex Potsides is a development engineer at Protocol Labs, with 17 years of experience in software development, from databases, web services to business logic, user interface, and more. He is interested in developing high-performance, large-scale web applications, preferably in Node.js or Java EE. He also helps organize NodeBots, a regular JavaScript tech-focused meetup in London, among others.

Synthetix ecological option protocol Thales will be extended to Arbitrum, and will add support for MAGIC and DPX: On September 20, the Synthetix ecological option protocol Thales has been approved by the committee and will be deployed on the second-layer Ethereum solution Arbitrum. The Thales market platform and Ranged Markets, in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, will also add support for TreasureDAO token MAGIC and Dopex token DPX on Arbitrum. [2022/9/20 7:07:43]

The DeFi lending protocol Alchemix hopes that users who participated in the alETH loan repayment event can return their funds: According to news on June 20, the DeFi lending protocol Alchemix officially launched a proposal, hoping that users who participated in the alETH loan repayment event can return their funds. The official will provide POAP NFT and ALCX rewards. Among them, NFT will provide functions that have not yet been determined in Alchemix DAO. For the returned funds, ETH: All ETH returned to Alchemix multisig will be allocated to the new alETH Transmuter; alETH: All alETH returned to Alchemix multisig will be destroyed.

According to previous news, the DeFi lending agreement Alchemix lost about US$6.53 million due to a loophole in the alETH pool. [2021/6/20 23:50:57]

Voice | WhalePanda: BCH fork won't cause Bitcoin's PoW to fail: Multicoin Capital managing partner Tushar Jain tweets "Upcoming BCH fork is first between two rival $1B+ blockchains A real-world all-out war, this is one of the best opportunities to understand the flaws of proof-of-work, and how PoW behaves like a failure.” Digital currency commentator WhalePanda countered by replying that BCH is only a small minority chain compared to Bitcoin. [2018/11/15]

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Alex Potsides
Powerful alliance Microsoft uses IPFS to build a decentralized identity system

Recently, Microsoft released the beta version of ION, a decentralized authentication system that runs on the Bitcoin blockchain and stores transaction data on IPFS.According to project leader Daniel Buchner.