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John Adler

John Adler

John AdlerEthereumConsenSys

ConsenSys Application Researcher and Development Engineer.
John Adler

John Adler works as an application researcher and development engineer at ConsenSys, focusing on Layer 2 scaling. He is a C++ developer with over 7 years of professional experience. He loves all things compiler-related and has an unhealthy obsession with writing clean code. He is planning to learn Rust or Go language.

Voice | John McAfee: Will no longer stand for encryption projects, but has not quit the encryption field: John McAfee, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and father of antivirus software, said on Twitter that he will no longer promote cryptocurrency projects, but he has not quit Crypto, "I will no longer be promoting specific cryptocurrencies or projects. Because the industry is in the 'Wild West' phase at the moment. I have not yet been able to properly review the technology and its associated promise or development, so I cannot Promotion." [2019/12/15]

News | B3i, a blockchain subsidiary of an insurance giant, has appointed John Carolin as CEO: On July 17, Swiss Reinsurance Company, Zurich Insurance and other global insurance giants supported blockchain subsidiary B3i, which has appointed John Carolin as chief executive officer. executive officer. B3i is currently building DLT solutions for around 40 member companies. Carolin joined B3i as CFO in March 2018 and has served as interim CEO since March this year. [2019/7/17]

John McAfee joined CryptoSecure, a digital currency security company, and promised to combat hacking: John McAfee recently joined CryptoSecure as a senior strategic consultant. He expressed on Twitter that he hopes to cooperate with CryptoSecure to solve the problems caused by hackers invading personal digital currency wallets and exchanges. loss. In addition, he recently stated that the market value of Bitcoin single currency will reach 1 million US dollars in 2020. [2018/3/15]

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John Adler
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Editor’s Note: This article is a presentation by John Adler at EthCC3 on behalf of Fuel Labs. Fuel is a project that aims to provide stable currency payment services using the rollup method.

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If it weren't for the fact that this research report was commissioned by MolochDAO, I don't think DAOSquare would translate such "technical" academic papers (at least not at this stage). However.