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Matthew Spoke

Matthew Spoke

Matthew SpokeDeloitte

CEO of The Open Application Network and Moves.
Matthew Spoke

Matthew Spoke is the CEO of The Open Application Network and Moves, specializing in providing blockchain enterprise infrastructure services, and was previously the blockchain project leader of Deloitte Canada.

Visor Finance announced the completion of strategic financing of US$3.5 million, led by 1confirmation: Official news, Visor Finance announced the completion of strategic financing of US$3.5 million, led by 1confirmation, Digital Currency Group, Blockchain Capital, 1kx, DeFi Alliance, Decentral Park, Electric Capital, Maven 11. Spartan, Tribe Capital and GSR participated in the investment. Funds will be used to develop the next phase of its active-ethexc governance protocol, focusing on UI and protocol upgrades, L2 deployment, two exhaustive audits, additional liquidity venues, strategic capital partners to increase TVL, and innovations to drive higher returns Tools and Strategies. (Medium)[2021/7/19 1:03:18]

MatterLabs, the ZKRollup expansion team, completed the A round of financing, led by USV: On March 1, MatterLabs, the Ethereum ZKRollup expansion solution, announced the completion of the A round of financing, with Union Square Ventures (USV) leading the round. Previous investors Placeholder, 1kx and Dragonfly continue to participate in this round, in addition to zkSync’s ecological partners, including Aave, Balancer, 1inch, Curve, Binance, CoinbaseVentures, Huobi, Loopring, Argent, MYKEY, imToken, Flexa, MoonPay, ripio, CoinGecko, but has not disclosed specific financing amount information. [2021/3/1 18:05:07]

News | Match-Trade launches new foreign exchange trading platform: According to Finance magnates, foreign exchange and cryptocurrency technology provider Match-Trade Technologies announced on Wednesday that it has launched a new product for the foreign exchange market. The product, called "Match-Trader", is a 3-in-1 trading platform for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. [2019/11/6]

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Matthew Spoke
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