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Bryan Bishop

Bryan Bishop

Bryan BishopBitcoin

Co-founder and CTO of Avanti Financial Group.
Bryan Bishop

Bryan Bishop, codenamed kanzure, is currently the co-founder and chief technology officer of Avanti Financial Group and one of the core developers of Bitcoin. He wrote apps and created highly regulated fintech companies pending CFTC approval, integrating Bitcoin with the $600 trillion derivatives market.

Privacy browser Brave monthly active-ethexc users up 125% over the past year: Privacy browser Brave announced that its monthly active-ethexc users have grown by 125% over the past year, with Brave browser reaching 125% monthly active-ethexc users at the end of May 15.4 million. In addition, its daily active-ethexc users also reached 5.3 million after growing 165% in the past year. (Cointelegraph)[2020/6/4]

Brave launches privacy video conferencing service Brave Together: Golden Finance reported that Brave, a privacy browser driven by encryption technology, has launched a privacy-focused free video conferencing service Brave Together to compete with Zoom. The service is currently available in North America to users of its Nightly browser program. It is reported that Nightly implements a testing and development sandbox for new programs and product features for Brave. [2020/5/27]

Voice | Co-founder of Ethereum: Libra is more like a monitor with good performance: Mihai Alisie, co-founder of Ethereum, recently expressed his personal views on Libra. It said: "Libra is more like a monitor with good performance, actively manipulating people's every move." In theory, an important element of a distributed computing system is that no single organization can review transactions, or formulate them into certain blocks. Threshold for membership of the chain network. However, the Libra launched by Facebook has killed the unique features of the blockchain. Facebook wants to roll out the Libra payment network to 100 companies. In this regard, the risk that Alisie foresees is that the user's transaction is in the hands of these large companies, and they can block or freeze the user's transaction, which is impossible to happen on Bitcoin or Ethereum. [2019/7/12]

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Bryan Bishop
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