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Helps you write, build and deploy smart contracts and distributed applications.

Superblocks Lab helps you write, build and deploy smart contracts and distributed applications. They exist to empower visionaries to build their own and co-create a decentralized future. Developing Ethereum DApps has never been easier.

DC Comics launches DC Collectible Comics (DC3) collectible comics NFT, debuting "Superman #1" on October 27: Golden Finance reports, DC Comics announced the launch of DC Collectible Comics (DC3) collectible comics NFT, the series will launch the company over the years Comics collection covers by Bing are randomly assigned one of five rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary, which users can buy and sell on their fan marketplace dcuniverse. DC Collectibles comics will be released from both categories, Traditional Comics includes classic comic releases that may have been out of print for years, while Modern Comics will highlight curated collections of recent releases from DC's extensive lineup of comics. It is reported that DC Comics will launch the first series of NFF "Superman #1" on October 27. (nftculture) [2022/10/26 16:38:58]

Public chain Ether Dimension main network mining pool Super Mining is about to start internal testing: According to the official announcement of the EtherV Foundation (Ether Foundation), its public chain Ether Dimension main network mining pool Super Mining will be launched on December 7, 2020 at P.M: 19 Korean time :00 (P.M: 18:00 Beijing time), the Super Mining APP internal test will be officially launched.

Ether Dimension is jointly created by a number of investment fund institutions such as the EtherV Foundation in the United States. Ether Dimension is a core underlying technology of Ethereum that has been upgraded and innovated. It adopts the PoW+PoS consensus mechanism. Its ecosystem brings together: mining incentives, edge computing, design rendering, commercial applications, financial consumption, anonymous social interaction, etc. ecological public chain. Its main network mining pool, Super Mining, is now at P.M: 19:00 on December 7, 2020, Korean time (P.M: 18:00 Beijing time), and officially opened internal testing and pre-sale of mining machines for the Chinese autonomous community. [2020/12/7 14:25:24]

MXC Matcha will launch SUP for the first time at 10:30 on September 29, and open USDT trading: According to the official announcement, at 10:30 on September 29, MXC Matcha, as the official cooperation platform, will launch SUP (Supertx Token) in the assessment area for the first time and open USDT trading . Deposits will start at 10:00 on September 29, and withdrawals will start at 10:30.

According to the data, SUP is the value capture token of MOV superconducting and an important part of MOV. SUP will have the governance rights of MOV superconducting. SUP is a meaningful social experiment, and its future is determined by the community and by many users who own SUP. For details, please click the original link. [2020/9/29]


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