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Virgile Deville

Virgile Deville

Virgile Deville

Head of Product and Communications, Democracy Earth.
Virgile Deville

Virgile Deville is Head of Product and Communications at Democracy Earth, also co-founded Open Source Politics, Citizen Tech Entrepreneur, Blockchain Enthusiast, Open Source Community Builder.

Boba Network Global Virtual Hackathon results announced: According to official news, the final reward list of Boba Network Global Virtual Hackathon was officially announced on the global developer incentive platform DoraHacks. The event attracted a total of 84 BUIDL teams from around the world to participate in the development of NFT, GameFi, DeFi, Infra & Tooling, educational/creative content-ethexc and other application scenarios. After professional selection, 12 submitted projects were finally awarded, sharing a total prize pool of US$100,000. [2022/7/26 2:38:29]

Terra Virtua Partners with Hashmasks to Launch Digital Collectible Collection: NFT platform Terra Virtua has partnered with NFT blind box project Hashmasks to launch a new digital collectible collection dubbed vFlect Hashmask. Hashmasks NFT owners will be entitled to royalties from the sale of this collectible. (cryptoslate)[2021/5/7 21:31:57]

The founder of hedge fund Virgil Capital, Qin Shide, admitted to securities fraud of 90 million, with a maximum sentence of 20 years: According to the announcement of the US Department of Justice, the founder of hedge fund Virgil Capital, Stefan Qin, has pleaded guilty and admitted that he defrauded 90 million through securities fraud. fact. The U.S. Department of Justice stated that the maximum sentence for this crime is 20 years in prison. The case has not yet been judged, and the final sentencing time is scheduled for May 20, 2021.

As previously reported, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Virgil Capital and its founders and affiliates in the Southern District of New York on December 22, 2020, and sought a lawsuit to permanently limit Shide Qin's participation in the sale and issuance of any securities. , buy or offer orders. The SEC stated that Qin Shide changed the investment data of 39 cryptocurrency trading platforms in 2019. At the same time, he failed to redeem the investment of 3.5 million US dollars and tried to withdraw 1.7 million US dollars of investor funds to repay the loan sharks in China. Accused of false records. According to the SEC's complaint, since at least 2018, Shide Chin and his entities have been defrauding investors in his VirgilSigma fund by making material misrepresentations about the fund's strategy, assets, and financial condition, and using investment proceeds for For personal purposes or other undisclosed high-risk investments. [2021/2/5 19:00:18]

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Virgile Deville
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