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Founder of SlowMist, a blockchain security company.

Yu Xian, the founder of the blockchain security company SlowMist, has been working as a hacker or security professional for 12 years, covering malware confrontation, Web vulnerability mining, IoT vulnerability mining, penetration testing Red Teaming, and blockchain vulnerability mining. He believes in "Hack to create", such as hacker engineering, cyberspace search-ethexc engine ZoomEye (Zhong Kui's eye), etc.

Moonbeam completed $6 million in financing, led by CoinFund: On March 30, Moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform supported by the Polkadot network, completed $6 million in financing, led by CoinFund, BinanceLabs, ParaFi, CoinbaseVentures, FenbushiCapital, IOSG Ventures, Hypersphere Ventures, Hashkey, ArringtonXRP, A195, KR1, D1 Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Divergence Ventures and Signum Capital participated in the investment.

Moonbeam said that in the six months since the closing of the seed round of financing and the launch of TestNet in September 2020, dozens of projects have begun to build and integrate on the basis of the Moonbeam network. [2021/3/30 19:30:39]

In the past two years, I started my own business and operated a security company. I have further practiced creating. I have gathered Red Teaming's Yue Lingyi Joinsec, and SlowMist, which focuses on blockchain ecological security, to create value in their respective specific fields.

Voice | Jianing Yu from Huobi University: 2020 will be a year of explosion in global blockchain innovation and applications: On December 16, the Global Blockchain Summit (Global Blockchain Summit Forum) was held in Seoul, South Korea. Yu Jianing, President of Huobi University, was invited to attend and delivered a speech entitled "Innovation 2020: The Era of Global Blockchain Innovation and Application Explosion Has Arrived". Yu Jianing believes that blockchain technology has been recognized globally, and the era of technological innovation and application explosion has come. 2020 will be the year when the technological innovation and application of the blockchain will explode. The explosion of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things will drive the accelerated implementation of the blockchain. However, the blockchain is a future-oriented technology. To understand the application value of the blockchain, it must be understood in the context of the comprehensive digitization of society in the next five years. Once the sensors are highly popularized and the physical world is digitized (that is, " "Digital twin"), all things are interconnected, and digital identities are widely used in unmanned smart devices. The transaction and financial settlement infrastructure of the whole society will be fully upgraded. industry. [2019/12/16]


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Qi Fu, partner of SlowMist: NFT is the next direction, but it will take time to implement

DeFi is very popular. This summer, the industry seems to be involved in this ecology, innovation, revolution, and various projects ebb and flow. However, behind the bustle, there is an undercurrent.On April 18, 2020.

SlowMist released the EOS Proposal System (WPS) smart contract security audit report

Recently, the SlowMist security team was invited by the EOS supernode EOS Nation to conduct a comprehensive security audit on the open source code of the EOS Proposal System (WPS) (

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During the Spring Festival this year, the hearts of people all over the country were troubled by the epidemic. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus is raging.

Slow Mist Technology: Three directions of blockchain technology development in 2020

In 2019, the cryptocurrency market has gone through a year of ups and downs. Looking forward to the future, how will the blockchain develop?The [New Year’s Prophet] that I’m pushing for you today is from Yu Xian.

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As an insider in the blockchain world, I have some thoughts and write them down to chat with my followers. Three Magic Boxes In the development history of the blockchain.