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Alex Sharov

Alex Sharov

Alex SharovEthereum

Turbo Geth builder.
Alex Sharov

Alex Sharov is the Turbo Geth builder and GO technical lead.

WhaleAlert: 68 million USDT transferred from unknown wallet to Huobi: Jinse Finance News, according to Whale Alert data, 68,000,000 USDT (approximately 68,169,022 USD) was transferred to Huobi from the address wallet starting with "TDtHxG". [2022/9/4 13:07:44]

Justin Sun purchased the NFT "Golden Whale Pass" on the side chain Liquid at a price of 12.6 BTC: Justin Sun purchased the NFT "Golden Whale Pass" on the Bitcoin side chain Liquid at a price of 12.6 BTC, the owner of the NFT Access to all Bitcoin conferences. (Bitcoin magazine)[2021/6/9 23:24:18]

Voice | Alex Tapscott: The US government is unlikely to suppress Bitcoin: When the US Treasury Department said on February 13 that it would seek to formulate new regulations for cryptocurrency regulation, the price of Bitcoin fell by nearly 2% in an hour. But Alex Tapscott, co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute, believes that the U.S. government is unlikely to suppress Bitcoin, as some fear. “Suppressing BTC in the U.S. is not feasible, largely because major U.S. regulators have provided guidance on how to regulate BTC,” he said, referring to groups such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). In his co-authored and edited book Financial Services Revolution, Tapscott writes that blockchain-based applications, such as digital identities and smart wallets running on mobile devices, could potentially Enabling more than a billion people to participate in the global economy. In the unbanked regions of Africa and South Asia, traditional banks may be bypassed in favor of blockchain-based financial services, as has happened with telecom services. However, when it comes to banking the unbanked, real barriers remain. Tapscott told Cointelegraph that “the unbanked often don’t have access to the internet.” While this makes the use of blockchain impossible, these unbanked are more likely to be exposed to the technology in the next five to 10 years . (Cointelegraph)[2020/2/24]

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Alex Sharov
Ethereum phased synchronization: Refactoring the full synchronization mode (Full Sync)

Staged sync is refactored from Go-Ethereum's full sync mode for better performance.Phased synchronization requires a lot of read and write operations. While our goal is to be able to sync nodes on HDDs.