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Tamas Blummer

Tamas Blummer

Tamas BlummerBitcoin

Bitcoin developer since 2012.
Tamas Blummer

Tamas Blummer has been a Bitcoin developer since 2012, focusing on maintaining Rust-bitcoin. Before that, he was the chief architect of Digital Asset Holdings, the vice president of CoinTerra, and the CEO of Bits of Proof.

1,200 BTCs were transferred to Bitstamp, worth about $13.54 million: Whale Alert data shows that at around 15:38 Beijing time, 1,200 BTCs were transferred from an unknown wallet address to Bitstamp, worth about $13.54 million. [2020/8/4]

News | MetaMask is working on a solution to Ethereum transaction fees: Ethereum wallet MetaMask is working hard to develop a solution to Ethereum transaction fees. Ideally, the solution would allow DApps to pay these fees on behalf of users, which would enhance the user experience. MetaMask recently completed the Generalized MetaTransaction competition, aiming to find this solution. Currently, Ethereum users pay to send ETH through DApps or other services, which is required to reduce spam transactions in the network. In many cases, third parties may be willing to pay users transaction fees. This third-party transaction fee payment mode is called Meta-Transaction. The ideal solution for MetaMask should cover these costs on behalf of users using Meta-Transaction, which would provide a more affordable user experience. (FXStreet)[2020/1/31]

News | Some representatives of DashLatAm refused to suspend operations and said they would continue to operate in Latin America: George Donnelly, CEO of DashLatAm, an organization dedicated to promoting the cryptocurrency Dash in Latin America, announced the suspension of the organization last week. However, the organization Some of the other members of the group refused to die. In an official statement written by Dash Los Terex city director Richard Jerez and signed by a Dash LatAm representative, the group said it plans to continue operating throughout Latin America — even without Donnelly or under a different name. “We will continue to provide in-person and remote advice and support to merchants rendered helpless after Dash LatAm was forced to cease operations in Venezuela and Latin America,” the 10 representatives said in a joint statement. (Decrypt) [2019] /11/9]

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Tamas Blummer
2.13 morning market: BTC 10,000 US dollars to build a new support range, pay attention to this coin.

The USDC2.1 version is released, which can automatically prevent users from sending USDC to smart contracts: On April 27th.