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Du Juanjuan

Du Juanjuan

Du Juanjuan

Director of Binance Blockchain Charity Foundation.
Du Juanjuan

Du Juanjuan Iris Du is the Director of Binance Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF for short).

AOFEX perpetual contract broadcast: BTC long-short position ratio is 0.92, ETH long-short position ratio is 0.93: AOFEX trading big data shows that as of October 16 at 13:30, BTC perpetual contract long-short position ratio is 0.92, The number of short sellers in the market is dominant, the basis is less than 0.5USDT, the funding rate is close to 0, and the transaction volume is about 201 million in 24 hours; the ratio of long and short positions in ETH perpetual contracts is 0.93, the number of long and short positions in the market is basically the same, and the basis is less than 0.05USDT, the funding rate is close to 0, and the turnover in 24 hours is about 185 million.

AOFEX digital currency financial derivatives exchange aims to provide users with high-quality services and asset security. [2020/10/16]

Analysis | ETH and other tokens in the FCoin hot wallet have been transferred to the address starting with 0x5a or the security isolation work has been completed: According to the announcement of the exchange FCoin, "Due to the loss of contact with key team members and serious damage to some systems and data, it is impossible to proceed as planned Restore in time. We are trying to rebuild the system and restore data. The progress and expected time of follow-up restoration will be subject to future announcements.”, in response to some investors’ concerns about whether their related digital assets have been stolen or “run away”, some relevant Digital assets, detected by the Beijing ChainsMap monitoring system:

At present, the ETH and related ERC20 tokens in the FCoin hot wallet have been transferred to the address starting with 0x5a1b06, but the relevant operations only started in the early hours of this morning. This may be the normal security isolation of digital assets during the process of FCoin rebuilding the system. Judging from FCoin’s related asset hot wallet on the TRON chain, the related assets are still in the wallet, and there has been no transfer operation in the past two days. [2020/2/13]

Analysis | Calm Before the Storm Bitcoin Volatility Hits Lowest in Four Months: According to research from asset management firm Blockforce Capital, the digital currency’s 30-day volatility, calculated using price data from various exchanges, is 53.5%, Forbes reports . This is the lowest point since May 11, when the cryptocurrency traded near $7,000. The price of bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has been consolidating between $9,000 and $11,000 for weeks, leading to a sharp drop in its overall volatility, data shows. Some believe that the recent relative weakness in the bitcoin market may just be the calm before the storm. Some analysts have highlighted Bitcoin's strong fundamentals, emphasizing that Bitcoin's range-bound trading fails to reflect these underlying factors. Joe DiPasquale, CEO of cryptocurrency funds at hedge fund BitBull Capital, called it a "good sign." He said that Bitcoin is currently consolidating, and in order to attract new interest from individual investors and drive up prices, Bitcoin must break through. [2019/9/11]

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Du Juanjuan
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