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Wincent Hung

Wincent Hung

Wincent Hung

Managing Director of Genesis Block.
Wincent Hung

Wincent Hung is Managing Director of Genesis Block and Director of Check Inn Hong Kong. Previously, he was a partner at Ernst & Young.

Wing Finance, a decentralized cross-chain lending platform, will adjust the mortgage factor of oneWING to 45%: Official news, Wing Finance, a decentralized cross-chain lending platform, announced that it will adjust the mortgage factor of oneWING (Legacy) to 45 according to the WIP50 proposal %. [2022/2/11 9:45:33]

Facebook releases version 0.1 code of the open source STARK proof program Winterfell: Facebook recently announced the launch of Winterfell, an open source implementation of the STARK proof program. Winterfellv version 0.1 code has been released to, the Rust tool repository website. It is said that Winterfell abstracts most of the complexity of the STARK protocol, making it easier for developers to use zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), and is highly configurable, and can dynamically adjust almost all parameters of the STARK protocol to achieve specific performance and security goals. One potential application of Winterfell zero-knowledge proofs is to provide privacy and scalability solutions for blockchains.

According to previous reports in May, the digital wallet Novi Financial established the Winterfell code base on GitHub, which is an experimental project about the distributed STARK proof program. [2021/8/6 1:38:38]

News | Winklevoss Capital participates in tax filing platform TaxBit’s seed round financing: Jinse Finance reported that the venture capital firm Winklevoss Capital, led by the Gemini co-founders Winklevoss brothers, has joined the tax filing platform TaxBit’s $5 million seed round financing. The round also included Dragonfly Capital Partners, Collaborative Fund, TTV Capital and Valar Ventures, according to an announcement on Monday. [2020/1/7]

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Wincent Hung
"Sweet potato" unsalable Yam re-opened the experimental field

After experiencing an extremely fast roller coaster, the DeFi protocol Yam Finance (hereinafter referred to as Yam), which is popular in the currency circle with the image of "sweet potato".