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Donald McIntyre

Donald McIntyre

Donald McIntyreEthereum Classic

Founder of Etherplan, researcher of Ethereum Classic.
Donald McIntyre

Donald McIntyre is the founder of Etherplan, researcher and coordinator of Ethereum Classic.

Aragon acquires voting project Vocdoni: Jinse Finance reported that DAO solution provider Aragon Association announced that it has acquired voting project Vocdoni from Estonian company Dvote Labs Oü to enrich the decentralized governance framework. The acquisition was completed in December for an undisclosed price. It is reported that Vodcdi team members received an undisclosed amount of ANT tokens. [2021/1/12 15:55:11]

Jinse Finance live report, XinShu Dong: Blockchain is not absolutely safe: At the 2018 World Digital Asset Summit (WDAS) and FBG Annual Conference, XinShu Dong from Zilliqa said that whether the blockchain is safe or not is of great importance to everyone. For most people, it is safe, but the blockchain is not absolutely safe. The current secure blockchain is often very inefficient and difficult to meet the needs of applications. How to ensure the security of the blockchain and improve efficiency is where the blockchain needs to be innovated. [2018/5/2]

GuildOne’s Royalty Ledger First Execution of a Royalty Smart Contract via R3’s Corda Blockchain Platform: GuildOne Inc. Announces the First Execution of a Royalty Smart Contract Using the Company’s New Royalty Collection Ledger Application on R3’s Corda Blockchain Platform smart contract. The announcement was made Feb. 14 at an oil and gas conference in Calgary, Alberta. [2018/2/21]

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Donald McIntyre
There is a bug in the ETC hard fork Asia-Pacific community leader: it has been fixed.

According to the official announcement, ETC (Ethereum Classic) will carry out the "Phoenix" hard fork upgrade at around 11:41 on June 1, Beijing time, at block height 10500.

Golden Observation | How to understand ETC's unlicensed fallacy event?

The cryptocurrency world has always been considered a decentralized world. However.