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Albert Wenger

Albert Wenger

Albert WengerInvestment

USV Managing Partner.
Albert Wenger

Albert Wenger is a Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures. Prior to joining USV, he served as president of and founded or co-founded several companies, including a management consulting firm and an early managed data analytics firm. He graduated from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Indonesian star Luna Maya issued EternalBond NFT: TOKAU officially launched the star EternalBond yesterday. The first issue is a limited edition of 10,000 bronze-level Bonds issued by Luna Maya, which will be given to Luna fans for free for a limited time. According to background statistics, within 6 hours after the event started, there were more than 30,000 participants.

EternalBond is a core NFT product recently launched by TOKAU. It combines a variety of NFT products and staking mining products, and connects stars and fans with a "Bond NFT" [2021/7/29 1:22:33]

Vertalo and DealBox will cooperate to issue security tokens on the Tezos blockchain: Digital asset software provider Vertalo announced that it will cooperate with the crowdfunding platform DealBox to issue security tokens on the Tezos blockchain. This cooperation will be the DealBox platform 22 Tokenization of various securities involving approximately $200 million in transactions. (CoinDesk)[2020/3/16]

DigitalBits Foundation: Will open source the blockchain network: According to globenewswire, the DigitalBits Foundation announced at the Consensus Conference today that the DigitalBits Foundation announced the launch of the Partner Ecosystem project to open source the blockchain network. [2018/5/14]

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Albert Wenger
Opinion: Bitcoin will usher in "institutional bull" in 2020

I made a video yesterday, I hope everyone will give some encouragement and support. (It's a pity that the bitcoin dropped by 10,000 after finishing the video. This video is really out of date..) Okay.