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Alex Svanevik

Alex Svanevik

Alex Svanevik

D5 Co-Founder, Data Scientist.
Alex Svanevik

Alex Svanevik is the co-founder of D5, a data scientist in the field of encryption. Its mission is to create value from data. The blockchain is currently his main focus, and he believes that the new financial structure of the world will be formed on the chain.

The DeFi lending protocol Alchemix lost about $6.53 million due to the vulnerability of the alETH pool: Official news, the DeFi lending protocol Alchemix released the alETH pool accident report. There is no debt to be repaid, and the debt ceiling of nearly 2000 ETH is released, and new alETH can be minted again. In addition, Alchemix uses the wrong index in the treasury array, forcing the funds in the transmuter support agreement mechanism to be completely sent to repay users. debt. The team has stopped the mortgage lending of the pool. As of the time of the report, alteth currently has a gap of -2,688.634, which is about 6.53 million US dollars. [2021/6/17 23:43:50]

In the past 10 years of work experience, he has worked as a data scientist, management consultant, entrepreneur and manager. This has given him deeper knowledge and skills in data analytics and a solid understanding of the big picture of running a business.

Ex-Microsoft exec Alex Solomon joins blockchain gaming platform Enjin to advance enterprise business: Blockchain gaming platform Enjin announced Monday that Alex Solomon, who previously served as director of product marketing for Azure Western Europe at Microsoft, has joined the platform as executive director of its enterprise platform . As Enjin’s head of enterprise, Solomon will work with enterprise clients looking to use blockchain technology to create digital experiences to improve customer retention, acquisition and engagement, Enjin said. (CoinDesk) [2020/11/16 20:58:44]

News | Russian Human Rights Commissioner Seeks United Nations Help to Extradite Alexander Vinnik: According to Cointelegraph, Russian Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova is seeking help from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to request the extradition of Alexander Vinnik, the former operator of the encryption exchange BTC-e, to Russia. According to previous news in February, Moskalkova had written to Greek Minister of Justice Michalis Kalogirou requesting the extradition of Russian bitcoin fraudster Alexander Vinnik. Alexander Vinnik has been on a hunger strike for nearly three months and says he will only stop it if he is extradited to Russia. [2019/3/7]

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Alex Svanevik
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