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Zhuoxun Yin

Zhuoxun Yin

Zhuoxun YinFinance

Head of Strategy and Business Operations at dYdX.
Zhuoxun Yin

Zhuoxun Yin is Head of Strategy and Business Operations at dYdX. Previously, he worked at Nimble and Bain & Company.

Zhu Su: The Coinbase Lend blocked by the US SEC last year actually saved Coinbase: On December 28th, Zhu Su, the co-founder of Three Arrows Capital, tweeted that the US Securities and Exchange Commission prevented Coinbase from launching Coinbase Lend last year, which actually saved Coinbase. Killed Coinbase's entire business, which is probably the only reason they're in a different position than everyone else right now.

In September 2021, Coinbase published a blog post explaining that it did not know why it received a civil lawsuit reminder from the US SEC. The SEC claimed that Coinbase Lend does not meet the conditions of securities, nor is it an investment contract or bill. It is only that users lend their USDC to earn interest. . But the SEC still considers it a security and intends to sue it. Coinbase subsequently abandoned launching its crypto lending project.

[2022/12/28 22:12:47]

Ms. Lily Zhuo, former general counsel of PAG Asia Capital, joined Cobo as COO: According to official news, Cobo, a cryptocurrency custody and asset management platform, announced the appointment of Lily Zhuo as COO. It is reported that LilyZhuo comes from a traditional financial background, and previously served as the general counsel of a private equity fund under PAG, the largest alternative investment management group in Asia (with a management scale of over US$40 billion), and supported PAG's M&A fund and growth fund for more than 11 years. Shenyu, founder and CEO of Cobo, said: "Looking forward to LilyZhuo's experience in compliance and risk control management in traditional financial markets, as well as in-depth understanding of cryptocurrencies and global regulation, to accelerate Cobo's legal compliance and globalization process, strengthen cooperation with In-depth cooperation between regulators and customers of traditional financial institutions." [2021/9/18 23:35:07]

Acala Contributor Yuzhu: Acala is committed to breaking through the smart contract sandbox: According to official news, CoinW's "Consensus 52" ninth issue "Polkadot's evolutionary path - can Acala set off the next round of DeFi boom?" theme AMA theme Acala Contributor Yuzhu said:

The smart contract currently on the market is just a closed sandbox, and the contract and the chain itself have a certain barrier, just as the ERC-20 assets or Dapp issued by the Ethereum EVM cannot be directly used in the original Ethereum chain itself. Acala has added a smart contract module before, and the Acala team is working to break through the closed smart contract sandbox of the EVM, so that Dapps built based on Acala's upper-layer smart contracts can be compatible with the stable currency aUSD of the original Acala chain itself and other built-in modules , laying a solid foundation for various upper-layer DeFi applications based on the Acala network in the future. [2020/11/19 21:22:46]

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Zhuoxun Yin
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