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Rachel Wolfson

Rachel Wolfson

Rachel WolfsonMedia

Cointelegraph reporter and host of the Badcrypto podcast.
Rachel Wolfson

Rachel Wolfson is a Cointelegraph reporter, host of the Badcrypto podcast, journalist, public speaker, and social media influencer. She has over 10 years of writing experience and has been covering the crypto and blockchain space since 2017, with a primary focus on enterprise blockchain.

Cross-chain oracle solution SupraOracles has reached cooperation with smart investment agreement Merged Finance: According to official news, cross-chain oracle solution SupraOracles announced a partnership with smart investment solution Merged Finance.

Merged Finance gives investors access to a diversified index of cryptocurrencies. Merged Finance implements an automated asset balancing system that helps investors maintain profit margins. The smart balancing system increases exponential returns and is executed on every minting and burning event, minimizing transaction fee expenditures.

SupraOracles will help Merged Finance ensure that asset balances are accurately performed, distributing index tokens proportionally according to the order of rebalancing. In addition, SupraOracles’ cross-chain oracles will help it provide accurate data, thereby strengthening Merged Finance’s security features. [2022/7/26 2:38:20]

She started writing about crypto and blockchain for HuffPost in 2017, then became a contributing writer for Bitcoin Magazine and a staff writer for Forbes.

The 58th Grammy Awards best rapper Chris Brown released The Auracles NFT: On April 26th, the 58th Grammy Awards best rapper Chris Brown (Chris Brown) posted on his official social media The account announced the launch of a new NFT series, The Aracles, aimed at supporting black creatives in the NFT field. This is also the first NFT released by Chris Brown. Auracle is a superhero who travels through time and space and affects the world. It appears in the image of a black man. It is reported that the NFT will cooperate with the Los Angeles brand Renowned to officially release on May 10 and simultaneously launch physical streetwear. [2022/4/26 5:12:45]

Amasa Partners with Decentralized Delivery Network Attrace: On January 7th, micro-cash flow investing app Amasa announced a partnership with decentralized delivery network Attrace. Amasa plans to integrate Attrace, combine the ATTRToken obtained by users with other micro-income streams, and use Amasa's functions to make Attrace users' income steadily magnified. [2022/1/7 8:32:22]

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Rachel Wolfson
Why was Libra born? Why was the Move language created? The person in charge of Calibra technology gave an answer.

Author | Rachel WolfsonTranslation | CryptoShadow, Editor | CarolProduced | Blockchain Camp (blockchain_camp)Ben Maurer, Calibra’s head of digital, unveiled Move, Facebook’s programming language.