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Ben O'Neill

Ben O'Neill

Ben O'Neill

Head of Business Development and Operations, Messari.
Ben O'Neill

Ben O'Neill is Head of Business Development and Operations at Messari, having previously held responsibility for the West Coast region at Satis Group and Capital Markets and Special Projects at Uber.

BendDAO's lending rate has exceeded 100%, and users withdraw ETH, resulting in a lack of liquidity: Jinse Finance reported that, according to Twitter user "shrimpwen", the BendDAO's lending rate has exceeded 100%, and DefiLlama data shows: The ETH of BendDAO has been increasing in recent days. The reason for the net outflow is that a large amount of BAYC was liquidated due to the price drop. Users found that there was a certain problem with the BendDAO mechanism, which would cause losses to those who deposited ETH, so they raised the deposited ETH one after another, resulting in a lack of liquidity.

It believes that there are three problems in the mechanism of BendDAO. 1. Choose "blue chips" for loans, but blue chips may also drop sharply; 2. The floor price is anchored to liquidation, and the NFT floor price is easy to be squeezed; 3. The liquidation mechanism is unreasonable. The reason for this is: BendDao liquidation auction bidding It needs to be greater than 95% of the floor price, otherwise the auction will fail. As shown in the official document, the platform expects the "blue chip" price to come back sooner or later after the failed auction.

So what if "blue chip" prices never come back? The loss will be borne by the person who deposited ETH into BendDAO. This is completely different from loans such as AAVE. I believe everyone has also discovered this, and a lot of ETH has been withdrawn in the past two days. [2022/8/22 12:39:05]

Announcement | OKB will be listed on CoinBene Exchange: According to official news, OKB will be listed on CoinBene Exchange this month. Investors can directly participate in OKB transactions on CoinBene Exchange. It is reported that the leveraged trading of OKB will also be launched simultaneously, and investors can flexibly choose the direction of investment through the way of borrowing/repaying tokens. OKB is the global universal credit of OKEx exchange, and it will be launched on many exchanges soon. [2019/12/11]

ObEN signed a cooperation agreement with China Merchants Lippo Group: Recently, ObEN signed a formal agreement with Southeast Asian giant China Merchants Lippo Group, which will use the artificial intelligence technology of the PAI public chain to develop artificial intelligence general practitioners and medical insurance artificial intelligence blockchains Project, use PAI's artificial intelligence public chain to release the famous doctor chain, and use PAI coins to raise funds. It is understood that Lippo Group is the largest financial holding consortium in Indonesia, which controls more than 20 listed companies in various countries. Among them, artificial intelligence general practitioners will be implemented in hundreds of large hospitals in China and Southeast Asia under China Merchants Lippo Group this year. . [2018/1/5]

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Ben O'Neill
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