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Maksim Balashevich

Maksim Balashevich

Maksim BalashevichEthereum

Founder of Santiment.
Maksim Balashevich

Maksim Balashevich is the founder of the Santiment family of products, an experienced product creator, entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience leading international teams, and more than 10 years of experience in financial market analysis. A distinguished sentiment analyst, psychologist, and media commentator for Forbes and other financial publications. He also draws on his unique background in the yogic lifestyle, cultivating a balanced approach, building community and decentralized platforms.

MakerDAO launched a vote on raising the base rate: Jinse Finance reported that according to the official blog, the Maker Foundation smart contract team has incorporated an executive vote into the voting system. According to a recent poll conducted by the MakerDAO Risk Team, the proposal asks whether the base rate meta-parameter will increase from -6% to -4%. If the implementation proposal is passed, the base rate meta parameter will increase from -6% to -4%; the USDC-B stability fee parameter will increase from 44% to 46%; the MANA-A stability fee parameter will increase from 6% to 8% %. Executive voting will continue until the number of votes exceeds the total number of votes from the last executive voting. [2020/8/22]

As BUIDLers in the encrypted world, he and his team created the platform focused on financial content. The vision is to change the way of creating and distributing digital and virtual value, ensuring that ownership belongs to the owner in the creation process.

MakerDAO launched nine executive votes: Jinse Finance reported that according to MakerDAO’s official blog, the Maker Foundation Risk Team incorporated a series of executive votes into the voting system today. The details are as follows: 1. Upgrade the liquidation system 1.2; 2. Appoint MyCrypto as the Oracle Light Feed, which will provide price data to the MakerDAO oracle; 3. Adjust the Dust parameter from 20 DAI to 100 DAI; 4. Add Loopring to " (LRC) as collateral" is included in the monthly governance vote; 5. Include the sub-proposal for core staff resignation in the monthly governance vote; 6. Increase the remaining auction buffer (also known as "system surplus") to 2 million Dai; 7. Include the "Statement of Intent-Forward-Looking Guidance" proposal in the monthly governance vote; 8. Base rate adjustment: user-selectable range from -8% to 0%; 9. Adjust BAT Risk premium: increased from 0% to 4%. [2020/8/11]

MakerDAO successfully held its first debt auction: Jinse Finance reported that in order to fill the gap of millions of dollars in DAI collateral, MakerDAO successfully launched its first debt auction today. The first lot was released at 10:38 ET, and nine more lots of the expected 100 lots were released after the auction ran for just over an hour. [2020/3/20]

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Maksim Balashevich
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Jinse Finance Blockchain, Feb. 1  Ethereum miners appear to be "hoarding" the ether they've mined, according to new data, a possible sign of confidence in the project. According to data disclosed by Santiment.