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Artem Vorotnikov

Artem Vorotnikov

Artem VorotnikovEthereum

Gnosis lead software developer.
Artem Vorotnikov

Artem Vorotnikov is the lead software developer at Gnosis, an experienced Rust backend developer who has made outstanding contributions to both commercial and side projects.

PartyDAO completed $16.4 million in financing, led by a16z: On June 10th, PartyDAO, the NFT bidding platform PartyBid operation team, completed $16.4 million in financing, led by a16z. Participating investors include Standard. Crypto, Compound Crypto, Dragonfly Capital, and Uniswap Ventures and Loot founder Dom Hofmann. [2022/6/10 4:15:34]

Founder of Miller Value Partners: Bitcoin may be rat poison, and rats may be cash: Golden Finance reported that Bill Miller, the founder of hedge fund Miller Value Partners and a well-known Wall Street investor, stated in a new investor letter that Bitcoin Bitcoin's performance over the past year has shown promise, and with more and more companies deciding to move some of their balance sheets to Bitcoin, wider adoption could be on the way quickly. Despite having a larger market capitalization than JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway, Bitcoin is still early in the adoption cycle, according to Miller. It’s best thought of as digital gold, but it has “many advantages” over traditional gold, according to Miller. In addition, in response to Warren Buffett’s previous reference to Bitcoin as “rat poison,” Miller stated in the letter that Bitcoin may be poison for rats, and rats may be cash. [2021/1/7 16:36:54]

News | Dragonfly Capital Partners Raises $100M to Invest in Cryptocurrency Startups: Dragonfly Capital Partners has successfully raised $100 million from investors to launch a fund focused on investing in cryptocurrency startups. The fund is led by managing partners Alexander Pack and Bo Feng. Both have extensive experience managing venture capital firms. [2018/10/19]

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Artem Vorotnikov
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