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WebAssembly Security

WebAssembly Security

WebAssembly Securitysecurityentry learning

From reverse engineering, to vulnerability research.
WebAssembly Security

WebAssembly Security course to help you understand: what is a WebAssembly module, and all prerequisites for its associated virtual machine. After 4 days of course study, you will be able to fully understand Web Assembly modules statically and dynamically, analyze their behavior, create detection rules, and search-ethexc for vulnerabilities and security issues, understand what security measures WebAssembly VM implements to verify and handle exceptions, and You'll discover how to use different fuzzers to find vulnerabilities in the WebAssembly VM.

Data: In October, the global Web3.0 market raised a total of US$850 million, a decrease of 52% month-on-month: Jinse Finance reported that according to incomplete statistics, the total number of financings in the global Web3.0 field in October was 76, a month-on-month decrease of 31.51%; the total amount of financing was 850 million US dollars, down 52% month-on-month. Among them, 10 projects from China have received financing of 40 million US dollars. From the perspective of the track, 4 of them are related to virtual human-related businesses, and there are two projects on the data storage platform and metaverse scene applications.

From the perspective of investment institutions, Hillhouse Ventures and Shunwei Capital have invested in Huiye Technology, a virtual life AI-driven technology service provider, Huayi Brothers has invested in Metaverse Entertainment, Lenovo Ventures, Blueprint Haixing Fund and Weiling Times has invested in Digital Life, the underlying technology infrastructure service provider of Digital Human. (Financial Associated Press) [2022/11/28 21:05:59]

Web3 venture capital Outlier Ventures: 8 companies shortlisted for the first batch of accelerator programs: October 22 news, Web3 accelerator and investment agency Outlier Ventures announced that the first batch of shortlisted projects for the Dream Assembly Base Camp accelerator program jointly launched with the luxury fashion platform FARFETCH has been selected From more than 200 applications, they finally finalized eight Web3 startups, namely: altr, Curie, iiNDYVERSE, METAV.RS, Mintouge, Reblium, SKNUPS and WEAR.

The 12-week accelerator program will provide support and guidance on token design and economics, product roadmap, NFT and community strategy. (Yahoo Finance) [2022/10/22 16:35:03]

Ouyi OKX Financial Market Director: Web3 will inevitably have an impact on the Internet profit model: July 14 news, Ouyi OKX Financial Market Director Lennix said at the Global Web3 Ecological Innovation Summit held on July 14 that Web3 will temporarily It will not completely replace the Internet profit model of Web2, but it will inevitably have a huge impact on it.

Lennix believes that if companies have a way to persuade users to continue to authorize personal privacy data in exchange for more accurate product services and information, they can still achieve Web2.0-style revenue generation. However, users' awareness of privacy rights at the level of personal data cannot be reversed.

It is understood that the event was attended by SUSS President Cheong Hee Kiat, Singapore University of Social Sciences Professor Li Guoquan, Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific executives, etc. [2022/7/14 2:12:34]

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WebAssembly Security
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