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Terry Culver

Terry Culver

Terry CulverEthereum Classic

CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs.
Terry Culver

Terry Culver is the CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs and ETC Core. They accelerate innovative projects and maintain Ethereum Classic to build a vibrant community ecosystem.

Bitcoin mining company TeraWulf raises $10 million in new capital to repay part of debt: December 12 news, Bitcoin mining company TeraWulf issued $6.7 million worth of common stock The converted promissory note raised $10 million to pay off certain debts, while also agreeing to purchase 8,200 new mining machines from Bitmain. (CoinDesk) [2022/12/13 21:40:10]

He was Deputy Executive Director and Director of Global Partnerships and Communications for the United Nations Global Digital Schools Initiative, designed and implemented national technology and education policy programs in South Africa, India, and Latin America, and worked at New York University, Harvard University International Development Academy holds senior positions.

Substrate, the basic framework for Polkadot development, announced that the first implementation of FRAME v2 has been merged into master: On January 1, Substrate, the basic framework for Polkadot blockchain development, officially announced that the first implementation of FRAME v2 has been merged into master. FRAME v2 contains Pallet property macros. The new macro syntax will be easier to learn. Earlier news, Polkadot founder Gavin Wood issued an article "2020 Polkadot Summary", pointing out that Substrate's next major version 3.0 may be released in the first half of 2021. [2021/1/1 16:13:07]

Voice | Analyst ceterispar1bus said that Bitcoin's unused transactions have been on an upward trend since August 2018 and are currently near historical highs: "Bitcoin's unused transactions have been on an upward trend since August 2018 , currently near historical highs, and people are accumulating. UTXOs are also getting old, and since December 2017, UTXOs have increased by more than 10%." [2019/3/29]

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Terry Culver
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