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A trading market based on IPFS that provides token incentives to data storage contributors and uploaders.

When we discuss IPFS, the underlying blockchain technology, we have to mention FileCoin built on IPFS, which provides a market for hosts and uploaders to trade, through which the cost of storage can be adjusted, and uploaders can according to Price chooses speed, redundancy, and cost.

Most blockchain networks only have a single type of standard node, but there are two different types of nodes in FileCoin: storage nodes and retrieval nodes. Launches Wash Trading Filter Function: On August 17th, according to official news, NFT data aggregation platform recently launched the Wash Trading Filter function. will mark all suspicious swiping transactions and related NFT items through self-developed algorithms; in addition, the platform supports automatic/manual filtering of swiping transaction data, so that users can understand real market data and see the most authentic transactions on the chain. trading behavior.

As a one-stop NFT data analysis platform, provides real-time on-chain data and professional insights including NFT market trend analysis, rarity query, giant whale tracking, etc. through a high-performance NFT data collection engine. [2022/8/17 12:32:08]

Everyone can become a storage node and rent out additional storage space on their own disks, and FileCoin will use these disks to store some smaller encrypted files; while retrieval nodes need to be as close as possible to as many storage nodes as possible, and also need With higher bandwidth and lower latency, users pay for the retrieval node that returns the file the fastest.

The second phase of Filecoin Slingshot will distribute at least 500,000 FIL: On November 9, Filecoin officially released the introduction and competition rules of the second phase of Slingshot. The content-ethexc shows that the second phase of Slingshot will distribute a reward of at least 500,000 FIL, which is a supplement to the 50,000 FIL distributed in the first phase. Storage rewards are distributed monthly, where storage tiers are unlocked. Storage rewards will be prorated based on the amount of new valid data that Slingshot participants have stored within the reward window. In addition, the second phase of Slingshot will also set Booster rewards. If the rules are followed and new data exceeding 50GiB is stored in the reward window, miners will receive 10FIL Booster rewards. The official reminder stated that since the launch of the mainnet, all rewards obtained will be distributed linearly within six months, or dealt with accordingly due to other issues. According to news yesterday, official members of Filecoin said on Slack that the second phase of the Slingshot competition will open for registration on November 11. [2020/11/10 12:11:05]

When we want to upload a file, we need to pay a certain storage fee, and the storage node will give a quotation for the right to store the file, and FileCoin will choose the storage node with the lowest price to save the file; the stored file will be encrypted and divided into multiple parts And sent to multiple nodes, the location of the file will be stored in the global table, after which only the node with the private key can query, assemble and decrypt the uploaded file.

News | launches attack-resistant file storage system: According to, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers James Cramer, Attila Aros and 'Hapticpilot' recently announced the launch of a product called The platform allows people to upload and download files related to the BCH blockchain. Currently, allowed files must be small and only allow 5kb or less per upload. Now, anyone from anywhere in the world can connect a file to the BCH chain. [2018/10/21]

FileCoin uses Proof-of-Replication, or PoRep, to solve problems within its network. In the Proof of Replication article, you can find more consensus algorithms such as PoRep and PoS (Proof-of-Storage) used to verify that the disk space provider actually stores resources.

FileCoin based on IPFS has no exact log to be released. The white paper Proof of Replication is marked as WIP (Work In Process), and some parts have not been completed, so it will take a long time to wait for this technology to mature.


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