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Kevin Rooke

Kevin Rooke

Kevin Rooke

Co-founder of agency0x.
Kevin Rooke

Kevin Rooke is the co-founder of agency0x. In addition, he also founded The Spring, which fully studies the market data of encrypted digital currency and so on.

Kevin O'Leary: Most of the capital investment comes from sovereign funds and pension funds, but the allocation to cryptocurrencies is still basically zero: Jinse Finance reported that a Bridgewater research report released in January 2022 said: We think the flow of Bitcoin About 1.4% of U.S. equities, which would require taking a much smaller capital position in a liquid portfolio, but its high volatility means that the relatively small allocation in dollar terms would still be on a risk-adjusted basis Provide meaningful exposure. Late last month, Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary noted in an interview that most of the world's capital investment comes from sovereign funds and pension funds, saying that their allocation to cryptocurrencies remains essentially zero until they are adopted, and that institutions Finance has really entered the crypto space. This market capitulation is an opportunity for investors to get ahead of the trend. O'Leary recommends being long cryptocurrencies until the fund actually starts moving 1% of its holdings into Bitcoin.

O'Leary expects the price of Bitcoin to double overnight when the market finds out that this is actually happening. He thinks that will happen in January or February 2023. [2022/8/1 2:50:09]

News | Former B2C2 Managing Director Kevin Beardsley Joins Kraken Futures: Former B2C2 Managing Director Kevin Beardsley recently joined Kraken Futures, the derivatives trading platform of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. Beardsley will lead the division's business development efforts aimed at strengthening the San Francisco-based exchange's UK presence. (The Block)[2019/7/25]

Sound|Kevin Kelly: Blockchain is not capable of overturning the world, but it will change people's way of life: According to Sina Finance, Kevin Kelly, author of the best-selling book "Out of Control", said in an exclusive interview, "Blockchain technology will be very important in the future. I don't think it will disrupt the world as people expected, but it will definitely affect and change people's way of life." [2018/9/10]

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Kevin Rooke
Global Enterprise Blockchain Invention Patent Ranking List (TOP100) in the first half of 2020

Recently, the intellectual property industry media IPRdaily and the incoPat Innovation Index Research Center jointly released the "Global Enterprise Blockchain Invention Patent Ranking (TOP100) in the first half of 20.

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Golden Observation | Grayscale GBTC speeds up its holdings of BTC and already has 3.373 billion USD in BTC

Grayscale Investments, an American encrypted asset management company and encrypted asset fund giant, updated the scale of its investment products on May 29. According to a chart published on Twitter.

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10 signs of ETH upward development

Foreword: Ethereum has entered 2020, and judging from its network development data, there are obvious signs of improvement. Regardless of the number of active-ethexc addresses, daily gas usage, transaction fees.