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Talal Tabbaa

Talal Tabbaa

Talal Tabbaa

Co-founder and COO of Jibrel Network.
Talal Tabbaa

Talal Tabbaa is the Co-Founder and COO of Jibrel Network, a blockchain platform for the tokenization of financial assets. Previously, he was a senior management consultant for PwC UAE and managed private investments for private offices in Saudi Arabia fund. He is a graduate of Purdue University.

Crypto Capital Venture Founder: Bitcoin Price May Soar Within Six Months: Golden Finance reported that Crypto Capital Venture founder Dan Gambardello shared his views on the current cryptocurrency bear market on Twitter. He believes that, contrary to what many have said, the state of the crypto market is no worse than what the crypto community has seen before. He shared a chart suggesting that the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin may be poised to rise.

Earlier, Max Keiser, a former trader and well-known bitcoiner who hosts the bitcoin podcast, tweeted his prediction for 2023. These include Bitcoin reaching $100,000, two other countries adopting BTC as legal tender, BTC becoming a major election issue, the US election in 2023 and a few others also related to Bitcoin. [2023/1/3 22:21:18]

Kakao is discussing a plan to introduce NFT display in Kakao Talk Profile: According to news on July 1, South Korean Internet giant Kakao is currently discussing a plan to introduce NFT display in the profile of its chat application Kakao Talk. Kakao related people also said that this is one of the many ways to improve Profile, and no specific decision has been made yet. (News 1) [2022/7/1 1:44:09]

Galaxy Digital CEO: The goal is to let everyone have a Bitcoin wallet: According to official sources, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz said at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami today: "Bitcoin is already held outside the U.S. dollar." I am very bullish on institutional adoption. It will take time, but I am bullish on this space. We have convinced the world that Bitcoin is a great alternative to gold. Patience is key, a revolution will not happen overnight Happening in between. Our work isn’t over until everyone on the planet has a Bitcoin wallet on their phone.” [2021/6/6 23:15:17]

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Talal Tabbaa
Under the nearly out-of-control monetary policy, is the opportunity for Bitcoin coming?

 Text丨Yu Wenshuai    Produced丨Scallion BlockchainAt the beginning of the new year of the Gregorian calendar, geopolitical risks in the Middle East suddenly broke out.