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Interplanetary File System

Interplanetary File System

Interplanetary File SystemIPFSprotocol

The well-known IPFS aims to create a network transmission protocol for persistent and distributed storage and shared files.
Interplanetary File System

IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System, a peer-to-peer distributed file system designed to create a network transmission protocol for persistent and distributed storage and shared files.

At present, it is very cheap and convenient to transfer relatively small files using the HTTP protocol, but with the exponential growth of computing resources and storage space, we are faced with the problem of obtaining a large amount of data at any time, and IPFS is designed to solve this problem. of.

As a distributed file system, IPFS provides a platform that supports deployment and writing, and can support the distribution and version management of large files; in order to achieve the above goals, the IPFS protocol is divided into seven sub-protocols, which are responsible for the different functions.

Ouman's "Valerian" Valerian NFT will be released before July 10: According to news on June 17, all NFT feature components and metadata of Ouman's "Valerian" NFT have been updated to IPFS and will be released before July 10 , and will start Web3.0 at the same time. In addition, its ecology's first Web 3.0 social network aggregator based on the creator economy will be announced in the near future.

Valerian NFT is a series of NFTs based on the IP of the European comic "Valerian Star". It is reported that the total number of Valerian NFTs is 9999, which will be issued simultaneously on Binance NFT and Valerian official website. [2022/6/17 4:35:23]

The main function of the identity system is to represent each node in the IPFS network, and all nodes are identified by a unique NodeId, representing each user who uses IPFS.

Chen Yuxuan, Storage Architect of New H3C Group: Interstellar File System will become a new trend of data storage in the future: On April 25, the 2021 Distributed Storage Ecological Summit hosted by Star Alliance was held in Shanghai, and Chen Yuxuan, storage architect of New H3C Group, was invited to serve as The sharing guest delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of "Distributed Storage Helps the New Pattern of Digital Economy Development".

First of all, he introduced New H3C Group. As a leader in digital solutions, New H3C has been deeply involved in the industry for more than 30 years, and its products and solutions are widely used in nearly 100 countries and regions. Previously, the Star Alliance and H3C had reached a strategic cooperation.

Then, he analyzed from a technical point of view that data will show explosive growth in the future, and the interstellar file system has revolutionary advantages over traditional storage methods, and will become a new trend in future data storage. He said that blockchain applications pose three major challenges to storage: extremely stable performance, minimal management, and extremely intelligent processing.

In December last year, New H3C Group and Star Alliance signed a strategic cooperation agreement, clearly reaching a clear agreement on the research and application of distributed storage data center network technology, the future cloud form and practical application of the distributed storage technology industry, joint chip research and combined with actual business Demand promotes cooperation in scenario-based applications, research and formulation of ICT hardware technical standards for the distributed storage industry, etc. [2021/4/25 20:56:14]

As a distributed storage system, the communication and information transmission between nodes need to be carried out through the network, and at the same time, it can use a variety of transport layer protocols to ensure reliability, connectivity, information integrity and authenticity. IPFS can use any network to communicate. It does not assume that it must run on the IP protocol, but uses the multiaddr format to represent the target address and the protocol used, so as to be compatible and expand other network protocols that may appear in the future.

News | Blockchain game developer Lucid Sight will launch Star Trek collectibles: According to coindesk, blockchain game developer Lucid Sight is working with media company CBS Interactive to launch its space game CSC later this year. The iconic starship from Star Trek is introduced into the digital universe. All spaceships for these sales will be secured on the Ethereum blockchain and uniquely numbered according to the order of creation. [2019/6/4]

In a distributed system, retrieving or accessing resources stored in other nodes requires a routing system. IPFS implements the routing system based on DSHT in S/Kademlia and Coral. We can use libp2p/go-libp2p-routing Find the interface of the IPFS routing system in /routing.go, which implements three basic functions, content-ethexc routing, node routing, and data storage.

In IPFS, the distribution and exchange of data uses the BitSwap protocol, and BitSwap is responsible for two things: requesting the required Block from other nodes and providing Block to other nodes.

At the same time, IPFS uses Ledger to create a network with incentives and penalties, ensuring that most nodes in the network can exchange data and operate normally.

IPFS defines a series of objects to build a file system that supports version control, which is very similar to Git's object model, and all file objects are actually binary encoded through Protobuf. The commit at the top level represents a snapshot of the history. By comparing the two commits and the tree formed by the child nodes, the difference between the two snapshots can be obtained. We can think that Merkle DAG and file objects constitute the file system in the entire IPFS.

So far, the IPFS technology stack has provided a peer-to-peer data exchange system capable of sending DAG objects between nodes, and can push and retrieve immutable objects, but a mutable naming system is also an integral part of the network, After all, we need to use the same address to obtain different states, because the domain name cannot be changed due to website updates, so IPFS needs to provide domain name services to solve this problem.

In IPFS, the following variable namespace can be used to solve these problems. Users can publish an object, and other nodes can access these objects published to the network through ipns plus the user's node address:

In IPFS, not only can hash be used to access mutable objects, but it can also be embedded in existing DNS services to run well, which solves the problem of seamless switching of underlying services.

IPFS is a very interesting blockchain underlying technology. It implements a point-to-point file storage system and proposes a solution for big data storage on the basis of compatibility with existing Internet protocols. The author tried the official client of IPFS go- ipfs is indeed easier to use, but it is still in the early stage of the project, and many modules and functions have not yet been finalized.

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Interplanetary File System
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