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Faisal Bhatti

Faisal Bhatti

Faisal BhattiInvestment

Co-founder of Davoa Capital.
Faisal Bhatti

Faisal Bhatti is the co-founder of Davoa Capital, cryptocurrency writer, and bookworm. He is goal-driven, proficient in financial operations, and has extensive accounting knowledge.

Fairyproof: Two memory pool problems in V God’s EIP-4844 proposal need to be resolved: On March 29th, Fairyproof released a research report on V God’s EIP-4844 proposal today. and rollup solutions, and while probably not introducing obvious vulnerabilities, the newly introduced blob transactions can cause two types of mempool issues. The first is that blob transactions have a variable intrinsic gas cost, which makes the mempool vulnerable, since a transaction may be eligible for inclusion in one block, but may not be eligible for inclusion in the next. To prevent such attacks, the EIP recommends broadcasting only transactions with "gas at least twice the current minimum", greatly increasing the chances of a legitimate transaction being included in a block. The second is that blob transactions have large data volumes at the mempool layer, which exposes the mempool to DoS attacks. The EIP proposes to increase the "minimum increment of mempool replacement from 1.1x to 2x" to increase the attacker's cost and thus reduce their attack attempts. As far as security is concerned, developers must address these issues in the code. Additionally, users should be aware that these two recommendations are in response to attacks on mempools, and if they are implemented, it means that non-malicious users will need to pay gas fees that comply with these recommendations if they want their transactions to be processed in a timely manner, the report said. According to previous news, V God of Ethereum proposed a new sharding proposal: EIP-4844. [2022/3/29 14:24:34]

News | There is a risk that the contract balance of the Ethereum FairWin project will be "hollowed out": According to the data from the PeckShield situational awareness platform, recently, a fund project named FairWin has been particularly eye-catching, and its daily Gas utilization ratio Reaching nearly half of the total amount of Gas that the Ethereum network can carry. In-depth analysis by PeckShield security personnel found that there is a fatal flaw in the FairWin smart contract, and users can make false bets to obtain the remaining funds in the prize pool. Specifically: there is a remedy() interface in the FairWin smart contract. If the contract owner does not close actStu through closeAct(), any user can modify the betting data through the remedy() interface, thereby realizing the forgery of a large number of Funds are invested, and the contract balance bonus is withdrawn through userWithDraw(). As of now, there is no known attack, and the FairWin contract owner has closed actStu, and the potential threat has been ruled out for the time being. However, there are still FairWin-like imitation disks on the Ethereum network, which may have such vulnerability threats. PeckShield recommends that players should be alert to such threats when participating in such fund games, and withdraw the bet funds in time to ensure that digital assets are protected from attack losses. [2019/9/27]

Dynamics | FairWin ranks among the top DApps in Ethereum, and Gas consumption accounted for 39.99% in the past week: According to data from DAppTotal on September 23, in the past week, a comprehensive comparison of the DApp ecology of the four major public chains ETH, EOS, TRON, and IOST found that: total Number of users (units): ETH(292,271) > EOS(189,107) > TRON(59,034) > IOST(20,088); total number of transactions (pen): EOS(34,957,643) > TRON(4,880,517) > IOST(2,837,113) > ETH( 1,145,116); total transaction volume (USD): ETH (59,946,310) > EOS (57,343,801) > TRON (38,180,672) > IOST (9,317,979); the top 3 DApps across four public chains by user volume are: Hash Baby (EOS), Dice (EOS ), Endless Game (EOS); the TOP3 DApps by the number of transactions are: Hash Baby (EOS), Dice (EOS), Gako Binary Option (EOS); the TOP3 DApps by transaction volume are: FairWin (ETH), NEST (ETH ), WINk (TRON). In the past week, the transaction volume of Ethereum’s phenomenal DApp FairWin ranked first. At the same time, its Gas fee accounted for 39.99% of Ethereum consumption, which caused the continuous congestion of the Ethereum network. [2019/9/23]

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Faisal Bhatti
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