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He Yi

He Yi

He YiFinance

Binance Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer.
He Yi

He Yi, the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Binance, has served as the vice president of technology and the host of travel TV. In addition, she is also the co-founder of OKCoin, known as "the first sister of the currency circle".

Polish crypto exchange BitBay changes name to Zonda, seeks license in Switzerland: News on November 8, Poland's largest cryptocurrency exchange BitBay has changed its name to Zonda and hired a new CEO to launch its operations outside Europe market expansion.

According to new CEO Przemysław Kral, Zonda has more than 1 million users and has a crypto license operating in the European Union, with a potential for a license in Switzerland, followed by the UK and Canada. Kral said Zonda's entry into Switzerland was more than just applying for a license. “We have a corporate structure in Switzerland, and we are hiring there. We also have a partnership with SEBA Bank, which is FINMA licensed. We expect to receive a Swiss license in Q1 2022.” (CoinDesk) [2021/11 /8 6:39:22]

FBI has confiscated virtual currency in Darkside wallet: According to the official FBI Twitter account, FBI Deputy Director Abbate stated that through law enforcement, the victim’s funds were seized from the wallet, which prevented DarkSide from using these funds.

According to previous news, the FBI has been investigating the Russian hacker organization "Darkside" since last year and found that more than 90 companies were affected by this hacker organization. Additionally, a virtual currency wallet used to collect ransom from victims was discovered. [2021/6/8 23:20:41]

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He Yi
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