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Stuart Popejoy

Stuart Popejoy

Stuart Popejoy

Founder and President of Kadena.
Stuart Popejoy

Stuart Popejoy, founder and president of Kadena, has 15 years of experience building trading systems for the financial industry, among other things, and is a seasoned musician, composer working in the New York area. Before founding Kadena, he led the JP Morgan blockchain development effort and helped develop the Juno open source blockchain. He is also the author and lead developer of the open-source Pact programming language, working to provide formal verification support for fast and secure smart contracts.

Web3 strategy game creator platform Theia Studios completed $2.4 million in financing: On November 10, according to foreign media reports, Web3 strategy game creator platform Theia Studios announced the completion of a new round of financing of $2.4 million, Hashed, Snackclub, IVC, Mint Ventures, Taureon, Arcanum Capital, BigBrain Holdings, Lancer Capital, Ignite Group, Andover Ventures and Plum Ventures participated.

The company's Web3 turn-based strategy game creator platform provides developers with toolkits, including map editors, asset pipelines, scripting frameworks, economic builders, etc., to help game creators build their own strategy games. The game "Icons of Theis" is expected to start closed beta testing on November 10. (finsmes) [2022/11/10 12:42:37]

Midnight Society cooperates with Polygon Studios to create a game NFT trading system: Jinse Finance reported that the game studio Midnight Society founded by YouTuber Internet celebrity and "Call of Duty" game anchor Dr Disrespect announced that it is working with Polygon Studios to create a game that allows players to trade on the blockchain. Game publishing platform for trading in-game items.

In March of this year, Midnight Society announced that players can apply for the Founders Pass of the "Moon Project". Based on the Polygon blockchain, the NFT gives owners exclusive access to early game builds and other features.

After closing the application channel, the studio learned that 97.5% of players who applied for the founder's pass wanted to be able to directly own in-game items, and believed that they should be able to collect, upgrade, sell and trade these items.

So Midnight Society and Polygon Studios partnered to create a blockchain-based game distribution platform that would allow players to do just that. (Dexerto)[2022/6/1 3:54:16]

DGB has cooperated with ArtisTurba: ArtisTurba official Twitter announced today that it has established a partnership with DigiBytecoin (DGB), and DGB will be listed on the ArtisTurba exchange in June. The global average price of DGB is $0.0356, an increase of 7.08%. [2018/4/19]

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Stuart Popejoy
Ant mine pool - machine gun pool data report

Since the public beta activity of the whole network in December 2019, AntPool Smart Pool has received widespread attention from users. After it was officially launched on February 5 this year.

Former JPMorgan Chase executive project Kadena completed "the industry's first hybrid blockchain platform"

The Kadena project, co-founded by former JPMorgan blockchain head Stuart Popejoy and blockchain prototype Juno lead engineer Will Martino.