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Dan Boneh

Dan Boneh

Dan Boneh

a16z crypto research partner, professor of applied cryptography at Stanford University.
Dan Boneh

Dan Boneh is a partner at a16z crypto, responsible for research and analysis. He is a professor of computer science at Stanford University, leads the Applied Cryptography Group, and participates in directing the Stanford Blockchain Research Center and the Computer Security Laboratory.

Cardano launches version 4.3.1 of Daedalus wallet: Jinse Finance reported that according to an official announcement from the IOG team on Twitter, its engineers have deployed an updated version of the Cardano wallet software Daedalus. Version 4.3.1 became the first version to support Alonzo hard fork mainnet activation. In addition to Alonzo's mainnet support, the new version of the wallet is ready for the upcoming firmware update of the Trezor hardware wallet. Also includes several user experience, user interface design, and performance enhancements. [2021/9/11 23:16:40]

Dr. Dan Boneh focuses on the application of cryptography to real-world systems and teaches online cryptography courses covering the design of advanced cryptographic systems with novel properties, blockchain cryptography, network security, cryptanalysis, and more.

The Cardano team conducted the first successful test of the Shelley network: The Cardano team conducted the first successful test of the fully decentralized Shelley network, using blocks issued by stake pool operators rather than founding representatives. (ambcrypto)[2020/5/3]

He has received the RSA Mathematics Award, the 2013 Godel Award, the 2014 ACM Award "for breakthrough contributions to the development of pairing cryptography", and in 2016 he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

News | Daniel Liebeskind joins Everipedia as Chief Product Officer: According to news from MEET.ONE on July 27, Everipedia announced today that Daniel Liebeskind has officially joined Everipedia as Chief Product Officer. Daniel previously worked at Decrypt, a blockchain product experience consulting company. And the co-founder of BODY, a fitness platform. Before entering the technology industry, he was an investment banker at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Investment Bank. Daniel will lead product development for the Everipedia platform to achieve the goal of creating a modern encyclopedia experience and the world's largest knowledge base. [2019/7/27]

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Dan Boneh
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