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Maurycy Pietrzak

Maurycy Pietrzak

Maurycy Pietrzak

Co-founder and Chief Development Engineer of Infura.
Maurycy Pietrzak

Maurycy Pietrzak is the co-founder and chief development engineer of Infura. The architecture he participated in is designed to provide consistency, fast access, and reliability for P2P Ethereum clients. He also designed and implemented agents and microservices based on Golang and AWS's Python , and does an excellent job of maintaining sufficient uptime for a heavily trafficked (billions of HTTP requests per day) backend.

Concept artist Ben Mauro’s NFT collection released on VIV3 sold out within 7 minutes: On March 4th, the NFT trading platform VIV3 announced on Twitter that the NFT collection released by the world’s top concept artist Ben Mauro on the platform sold out in 7 minutes. It was sold out within the period, and the total transaction value reached 2 million US dollars. It is understood that Ben Mauro has been a senior designer and art director in the game and film industry for the past 12 years. His representative works include "Call of Duty", "The Hobbit", "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Halo" and so on. [2021/3/4 18:13:59]

Members of the BCH community hoped that Amaury, the chief developer of ABC, would step down: On August 19, a member of the BCH community named NilacTheGrim published an article titled "Why Amaury Should Abdicate to the Elder" and offered a reward of 0.5 BCH for someone to translate the article (the article has now available in Chinese). The article believes that there is no problem with BCH for infrastructure financing, but Bitcoin ABC is eager to get the 8% reward of coinbase because of the low efficiency of Bitcoin ABC. According to the article, Bitcoin ABC has serious cash flow problems because they are very expensive to operate. Meanwhile, Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amuary Sechet sees himself as the god of BCH and thinks he deserves better. The article stated that miners have funded Amuary for a long time, and Roger Ver and other community leaders have also funded Amuary. And Amuary was so repulsive that no one wanted to fund it anymore because he never delivered the technical features that the donor asked for. For example, Roger Ver hoped to increase the transaction limit on the chain, but Amaury delayed for two years before taking action, and it was too late. The price of the currency fell, and the Chinese miners stopped funding him. So Amaury has no choice either to activate the IFP or step down, and the IFP is his last straw. The article also claimed that IFP was morally unreasonable. BCH is more than ABC. If ABC lacks funds, it should never destroy the value that the community has created together over the years. The article pointed out that Amaury does not care about the community, but believes that either reward the IFP coinbase or destroy BCH. The screenshots of the chat records given in the article show that Amaury has publicly stated that even if BCH falls to $40, ABC can still get $1 million a year. According to previous news, the Bitcoin ABC team led by Amuary is committed to promoting the next upgrade and deployment of the IFP protocol in BCH, implementing the coinbase rules, and awarding 8% of block rewards to ABC-related addresses. This incident has caused great controversy in the community. In this morning's news, Amuary said that if the coinbase rules are not implemented, the future of BCH will become irrelevant. [2020/8/20]

Voice | Mathias Maurer: The future of the encrypted asset financial market is very bright: According to the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Swiss Federal Embassy, Mathias Maurer, CEO of the Swiss encrypted asset company Crypto Finance, said: The encrypted asset financial market has a very bright future. It's a very technology-driven industry so far, but we're starting to see the first concrete use cases, turning imagination into reality. As with the hedge fund industry, it will take two or three years to convince people to invest in this asset class before it really takes off. [2018/10/19]

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Maurycy Pietrzak
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