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KeokenSmart ContractBitcoin Cash

An open protocol for extending blockchain functionality.

Keoken is a second-layer solution involving digital assets and a secure smart contract platform. It focuses on dealing with real-world application scenarios in an efficient and simple manner, and will cover most situations that arise when conducting transactions between parties, as well as the business rules required to conduct common activities. Keoken is an open source protocol with a performance reference implementation, RI for short, designed to use a multi-layer dynamic governance system that evolves and adapts over time according to market trends and user needs.

Constitution DAO launched a follow-up plan: get PEOPLE refund or exchange for governance TokenWTP: On November 20th, after failing to participate in the auction of the copy of the U.S. Constitution, Constitution DAO released its latest plan in the community. Users can choose to return their donations and get refunded by Constitution DAO Give the user the equivalent PEOPLE (1ETH=1,000,000PEOPLE). Or put the original donation into the ConstitutionDAO treasury, and get the new DAO governance TokenWTP (WeThePeople) launched by Constitution DAO. Constitution DAO will launch a website for this purpose in 7 days, where users can make choices for the follow-up of the original donation. [2021/11/21 7:01:44]

On a platform controlled by voting, Keoken can create its own assets using self-defined rules, and provide users with a more friendly multi-asset simplified transaction function. Furthermore, it fills the gap between reliable cryptocurrency protocols and less reliable smart contract platforms by defining a small set of transaction formats that can become the backbone for building smart contracts.

TokenBetter mainstream currency market data: BTC fell 0.76% in 24 hours: TokenBetter official market data, as of 09:00 on July 14, BTC fell 0.76% in 24 hours to 9223.3USDT; ETH fell 1.77% in 24 hours to 238.7USDT; EOS fell in 24 hours 2.9%, reported 2.5463USDT; BCH fell 2.92% in 24 hours, reported 230.34USDT; BSV fell 2.03% in 24 hours, reported 180.43USDT; LTC fell 2.87% in 24 hours, reported 43.56USDT; XRP fell 2.26% in 24 hours, reported 0.1976USDT; ETC fell 24 hours 2.56%, at 6.299 USDT.

On Tuesday, the three major U.S. stock indexes closed up. DJIA rose 0.04% in 24 hours to 26085.8 points; NDX fell 2.13% in 24 hours to 10390.84 points; SPX fell 0.94% in 24 hours to 3155.22 points. [2020/7/14]

News | TokenInsight: ETH data indicators have dropped to the monthly average level Short-term price recovery is hopeless: According to TokenInsight data analysis, the number of transfers on the ETH chain in the past 24 hours was 552,107, a decrease of 1.58% from yesterday; the number of active-ethexc addresses was 314,705, a decrease from yesterday 4.2%; the number of new addresses was 122,104, a decrease of 4.13% from yesterday, accounting for 0.23% of the total number of addresses; the trading volume of exchanges was 1.96 billion US dollars, a decrease of 25% from yesterday. The number of daily active-ethexc users of its ecological DApps is 8,939, an increase of 3.25% from yesterday, and the daily transaction volume of DApps is 8,649 ETH, a decrease of 11.3% from yesterday. [2018/11/17]

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