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Igor Lilic

Igor Lilic

Igor Lilic

Head of Technology at ConsenSys.
Igor Lilic

Igor Lilic is ConsenSys Technical Director, Co-Founder and CTO of Blackcomb Software. He has rich experience in the computer software industry, strong program and project management professionals, and is proficient in blockchain technology, technical operation and maintenance, agile software development and delivery, etc.

The Chinese name of BigONE is officially named "Bige": According to official news, BigONE has carried out a comprehensive upgrade of its product line and brand culture. This upgrade involves the official website domain name, Chinese name and brand announcement, media cooperation, etc. content.

The Chinese name of BigONE is officially named "Bige", and a new official website domain name has been launched. In addition, it has reached strategic cooperation with more than 200 high-quality media inside and outside the circle, such as Vernacular Blockchain and Bee Express. The BigONE market VP conducts AMA live broadcasts every month as before, answering questions from friends in the community online.

BigONE currently has products such as spot trading, leveraged trading, contract trading, managed wealth management, and B2C lending. The upgrade of the brand and products will enable BigONE to provide users with a more complete ecosystem and advanced operating concepts. , More professional services. [2020/5/9]

News | Australia's Perth Mint and InfiGold Launch Gold-Backed Digital Tokens: Australia's largest precious metals refiner, the Perth Mint (Perth Mint), and InfiGold, a fintech startup focused on the digitization of precious metals, have jointly launched a gold-backed token digital tokens. Dubbed the Perth Mint Gold Coin (PMGT), the new ERC-20 token is pegged 1:1 to GoldPass certificates issued by the Perth Mint. GoldPass enables investors to buy, sell and transfer physical gold acquired through digital certificates, where each certificate is 100% backed by gold stored in their central bank grade vaults. The press release claims that PMGT is the first digital gold token on a public blockchain backed by government-guaranteed gold. (cointelegraph)[2019/10/11]

Voice | ETCDEV founder Igor Artamonov: ETC plans to carry out a hard fork within a few weeks after the ETH upgrade: Exclusive interview with Jinse Finance, when referring to the upgrade of Ethereum Constantinople, the former ETCDEV founder Igor Artamonov responded , ETC is also seeking some changes in the protocol that are compatible with ETH smart contracts. But the changes were limited to major compatibility changes, and there were plans to do a hard fork in the weeks after the ETH upgrade. [2019/1/10]

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Igor Lilic
Golden Observation | Ethereum ProgPoW upgrade hopeless again? Understand ProgPoW in one article

ProgPow, which was originally planned to be implemented in the Istanbul hard fork, finally has news again, but when the upgrade is still pending.According to CryptoBriefing.