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EOS Gravity Zone

EOS Gravity Zone

EOS Gravity Zone

Known as the world's largest EOS community.
EOS Gravity Zone

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, it aims to transform enthusiasts in the ecology into EOS supporters through in-depth analysis content-ethexc based on blockchain technology and EOS public chain, supplemented by comprehensive and high-quality EOS information and technical support, thereby promoting EOS The vigorous development of the entire ecology.

Voice | BB: I strongly agree with EOS New York’s proposal on EOS governance: EOS New York published an article today on the EOS governance plan, proposing an integrated stake-holder reward mechanism to maximize decentralization and improve on-chain performance. In this regard, CEO Brendan Blumer commented: I very much agree with the overall direction of the governance plan, but I think the governance model can be more simplified. Because certain threatening factors have been protected with the cooperation of the current pledge and network operations. BM and I are also discussing the EOS governance plan in depth, very excited. [2019/10/15]

Market 丨 EOS rose by more than 2.00% within 5 minutes: According to data from Huobi Global, EOS/USDT fluctuated violently within 5 minutes, rising by more than 2.00%, reaching 2.32%. The current quotation is $3.52, and the market fluctuates greatly, please pay attention to risk control. [2019/7/17]

News | BM Releases New EOS Constitution Draft: According to CCN, after proposing to abolish the original EOS constitution, EOS founder Daniel Larimer (BM) has now released a revised proposal. In a published blog post, BM clarified the premise of "Code-Is-Law" in relation to arbitration institutions. He wrote: "We have seen that if people are given arbitrary power to resolve arbitrary disputes, then everything becomes a dispute and the decisions made are arbitrary. The more power the arbitrator possesses, the more vicious the dispute becomes , the more difficult it is to predict the result.” BM revealed that the account frozen by ECAF was related to “a fraudulent website involving providing fake public/private key pairs to users”. Going forward, users need to choose whether they want the elected block producers and ECAF to protect their interests. BM said, "This will give the power of the block producer and the ECAF arbitration system. The contract will need to clearly define the power of both parties to execute the contract." [2018/6/28]

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EOS Gravity Zone
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