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The first Chinese community to introduce EOS.

HelloEOS is the first Chinese community to introduce EOS, thus forming the earliest EOS community in China. As a member of the BITSUS committee, HeloeOS has been a strong supporter of ByMaST for many years. Since the launch of BITSUS 1, it has focused on operating and maintaining node services. The team, led by Zi Cen and Alex Li, established and managed several community groups, introduced EOS, and translated many technical and analysis articles to help community users grow from beginners to advanced users.

Helium plans to provide SIM cards and free trial services to Solana Web3 mobile phone Saga users: On November 7th, according to foreign media reports, the decentralized wireless network Helium and its development team Nova Labs stated that they will provide Solana Labs new Saga mobile phone customers SIM card and free trial available. Under the agreement, Saga phones sold in the U.S. will receive a free 30-day subscription to Helium Mobile, according to a press release, though the companies declined to disclose financial details of the plan. Members of the Helium Network community previously voted in September to abandon their own blockchain and migrate to the larger Solana blockchain. (CoinDesk) [2022/11/7 12:26:35]

4 days after Shelley upgrade, Cardano staking pools topped 600: data shows that just four days after Cardano successfully launched the Shelley hard fork, there are more than 600 active-ethexc staking pools. Users can delegate their ADA holdings to these various independent pool operators and earn staking rewards. [2020/8/2]

News | Helio launches cryptocurrency lending service in Australia: According to coincryptorama, according to an encryption survey conducted by HiveEx, the number of people holding cryptocurrencies in Australia has tripled this year. Based on this environment, Helio Lending launched a cryptocurrency lending service in Australia. [2018/12/9]

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