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Alisa March

Alisa March

Alisa March

Lead product designer at Gitcoin.
Alisa March

Alisa March is the lead product designer at Gitcoin, lead designer at Consensys, focusing on the end-to-end user experience, and also serves as a brand manager during the development of Gitcoin, nurturing the platform with a community of talented designers. Previously, she participated in the founding of DCDB, among others.

Novi spokesperson: Calibra was originally named to be similar to Libra, and the name was changed to avoid confusion: According to previous reports, on May 26, Facebook announced that it would rename the Calibra wallet to Novi. Libra project lead David Marcus said in a recent Facebook post that the main reason for the name change was that the old name was a bit too close to the name of the Libra payment network, so an update has been made to ensure there is a clear distinction and clarity. Novi will be just one of the wallets that will eventually be built on the Libra network.

A Novi spokesperson said that this is just a rebranding and there will be no changes to the functionality of the wallet. Initially the similarity in the names Libra and Calibra was intentional, but people were found to be confused by it, so the company decided to differentiate between the two.

Some analysts, however, believe the name change may be an attempt to distance Wallet from Facebook. Haider Rafique, chief marketing officer at OKCoin, explained that differentiating the Libra project, and Calibra, from Facebook, could be important for the future of both the network and the wallet. Reuben Yap, head of the Zcoin project, said, "I really believe the official reason is to prevent confusion between the digital currency Libra and Calibra, and Calibra is just a wallet for Facebook." (Finance Magnates) [2020/5/29]

Her background is in design combining brand and product, and she has extensive experience in both small start-ups and large corporations, whether in messaging, media, finance. Currently, she is enjoying helping to simplify the blockchain experience through the Gitcoin open source platform.

News | The founder of Validity Crypto apologized for posting inaccurate information about MATIC: A misleading tweet seems to be inseparable from MATIC's 70% plunge in half an hour this morning. Samuel Gosling, founder of the cryptocurrency evaluation platform Validity Crypto, tweeted today that in the past 50 days, the Matic Network Foundation has transferred about 1.5 billion MATIC tokens (about 15% of the total supply, worth about $67 million), And added that some of them appear to have been sent to Binance for liquidation. About two hours later, Gosling tweeted again that the numbers he had provided were inaccurate and that he was deeply sorry. "Only 381,903,830 MATICs (3% of the total supply) 'appear' to have been liquidated." Matic Network said in a blog post published today that Gosling's first tweet "triggered a wave of interest on encrypted Twitter. FUD, which eventually caused the price of MATIC to plummet. (The Block)[2019/12/10]

News | Vitalik Buterin proposes a new plan to motivate developers: Subsidize smart contract transaction fees Contract creator: Vitalik Buterin published an article on the Ethereum Research Forum, proposing a new plan to motivate developers. After the contract, a part of the transaction fee paid by any other user using the contract (for example, 33%) will be sent to the creator of the contract as an incentive, and two algorithms for rewards are proposed, namely linear and super linear. The idea came from the StarkWare Sessions conference held in Israel on September 16. In discussing the development of public chain infrastructure, whether funds should be obtained through governance and agreements, or should be funded by independent companies, the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin believes, "The advantage of obtaining funds through the agreement is that this method can obtain more funds. The disadvantage is also obvious. Since this type of method is neutral, no matter what mechanism is used, it will be maliciously attacked, and it has been done before. I have encountered various attempts. So the biggest challenge of this type of approach is to come up with a suitable governance structure and its components. Then he also gave an example, if we set up such a funding mechanism: when someone uses A certain smart contract is signed, and part of the transfer fee generated will be allocated to the creator of the contract. This mechanism is very neutral. [2019/9/23]

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Alisa March
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