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essence Protocol

essence Protocol

essence Protocolcontent copyrightculture and entertainment

Pan-entertainment intellectual property protection.
essence Protocol

Essence Protocol, headquartered in London, UK, has developed a distributed media content-ethexc blockchain platform, founded by musician Phil O'Regan, and will establish a comprehensive protocol to reward creators. In other words, artists can truly own their content-ethexc and earn money based on how many times their content-ethexc is copied by users. The technology is designed to ensure that all proceeds are paid directly to content-ethexc creators, thereby stripping out middle-tier platforms such as Apple and Youtube in an estimated $500 billion digital content-ethexc market. The final product will be a fully decentralized platform governed by the community, with censorship controlled by trusted users on the platform. Essence Protocol will start the project on Ethereum and build on EOS.

Voice | Messari CEO: Tax exemption for inter-cryptocurrency transactions will bring more revenue to the IRS: Golden Finance reports that Messari CEO and founder Ryan Selkis said it would be interesting if tokenized networks got a safe harbor, But the industry has not been granted a safe harbor. Also, cryptocurrencies require minimal exemptions and the tax policy is a disaster. According to Selkis, ideally, the U.S. should now adopt the cryptocurrency tax policies of France and Germany. However, Selkis admits this is unlikely to happen. Additionally, he stated that tax exemptions for transactions between cryptocurrencies would “solve a lot of headaches and potentially generate more revenue for the IRS because of the higher level of compliance.” Selkis then asserted that he doesn’t think that’s going to happen .[2020/1/15]

News | U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman was selected as Messari's top five people to watch in 2020: As an outspoken opponent of the growing U.S. digital currency market, U.S. Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman has won the title-ethexc of "encryption villain". Named to Messari founder Ryan Selkis' "Top 5 People to Watch in 2020". The list also includes Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Baker Marquart partner Brian Klein, and CoinShare chief strategy officer Meltem Demirors. In the cryptocurrency community, Sherman is known for viewing cryptocurrencies as tools for "money laundering, terror financing, and tax evasion." Selkis called Sherman "smart" in an interview with Cheddar, especially in establishing a "negative narrative stance." “He seemed to be the first member of Congress to hear some of the libertarian narratives that emerged around bitcoin early on. Namely, bitcoin could be a replacement for the dollar, it could damage our reserve currency status, it was money laundered perpetrators, terrorists, and child ographers." On December 5, Brad Sherman was voted to chair the Investor Protection, Entrepreneurship, and Capital Markets Subcommittee, the agency that oversees the U.S. SEC, NYSE, and FINRA . It is reported that Sherman has previously advocated a complete ban on cryptocurrencies. (AMBCrypto)[2019/12/22]

Voice | Tom Shaughnessy: JPMorgan Chase's JPM will compete directly with Ripple: According to Bloomberg, Tom Shaughnessy, head of cryptocurrency research firm Delphi Digital, said that JPM Coin, used for cross-border payments, directly threatens Ripple and its digital assets. Currency XRP. XRP is likewise used to facilitate faster, lower-cost international payments. However, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said: As predicted, banks are changing their attitude towards cryptocurrencies. But the JPM project misses the point that introducing a closed network now is like launching AOL (Internet Service Provider) after the Netscape IPO. , acquired Netscape in 1998), digital currency issued by banks will still not be something that the industry really needs. "[2019/2/15]

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essence Protocol
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