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An encrypted community dedicated to maximizing digital assets.

ExNetwork is an encryption community dedicated to digital asset maximization and encryption intelligence.

The ALPEX platform supports Metamask deposit and withdrawal: According to official news, the ALPEX platform announced that it supports the release of V10 version of the Metamask browser plug-in wallet and updates EIP-1559, and supports deposit and withdrawal. [2021/8/6 1:39:31]

Xia Hao, Head of Ouyi OKEx Market Maker: Digital Assets Enter the Quantification 3.0 Era: On February 28, the first global digital asset high-frequency trading competition hosted by Ouyi OKEx and TokenInsight, supported by Alibaba Cloud strategy, ranked first in the country Standing at Shanghai Station, it was successfully held. Xia Hao, head of Ouyi OKEx market maker, Jiumei, business director of key accounts of Ouyi OKEx, Zhao Wei, CEO of TokenInsight, Yuan You, solution architect of Alibaba Cloud, Matt, CEO of BIofin and other senior figures in the field of digital asset quantitative trading were invited to attend.

At the meeting, Xia Hao, head of Ouyi OKEx market maker, gave an in-depth and simple-to-understand theme sharing on the topic of "The Road to Quantitative Advancement". Xia Hao believes that the current digital asset quantification has entered the 3.0 era after going through the embryonic period and product diversification. The era of Quantitative 3.0 has three very obvious features: the subject matter of transactions is rich and diverse, professional traders are growing rapidly, and the competitiveness and inclusiveness of the market have also increased simultaneously.

Xia Hao said: "New ways to play in the digital asset market emerge in endlessly, but the essence is still in the word 'trading'. Ouyi OKEx has long been focusing on creating multi-category high-quality trading products, and continues to improve users' trading experience from all aspects. We look forward to giving the market All users bring more and better digital asset services."

It is reported that the firm offer of the OKEx unified trading account will be fully launched soon, and many users will be able to truly experience the advantages of the unified trading account at that time. [2021/3/1 18:02:46]

News | Bitfinex's attempt to use Twitter's "bot army" to subtly manipulate criticism backfired: According to bitcoinexchangeguide, Twitter has suspended an account that has been one of the biggest critics of bitcoin trading platform Bitfinex and its associated cryptocurrencies. The author, who goes by Bitfinexed, declined to identify himself, saying he feared for his safety. He tweeted yesterday, "When a fraudulent company tries to get you banned from Twitter by spamming you with hundreds of thousands of fake followers, it temporarily succeeds, then it becomes national news, causing the Streisand effect (the Streisand Effect).” [2018/9/18]


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