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CementDAOstable currency

Create a unified stablecoin ecosystem.

CementDAO brings together stablecoin communities to create a unified stablecoin ecosystem. There are more than 150 different stablecoins, each with its own user base, and its ecology is also distributed and self-organized.

The average price of MXC Matcha WOO off-site PUSH has reached 5.7 times the price of SpaceM: According to official news, at 22:00 today, WOO will land in the MXC Matcha PUSH trading area. Currently, the PUSH trading area already supports pending orders for WOO. According to the data, as of now, the average price of WOO over-the-counter buying is 0.17 USDT, which has increased by 5.7 times compared with SpaceM’s price of 0.03 USDT.

Before 21:00 today, if you increase the spot or leveraged trading volume of 12 mainstream assets such as BTC, ETH, EOS, and DOT, you can still qualify for the SpaceM lottery and get WOO at a price of 0.03 USDT. [2020/10/29]

MXC Matcha SpaceM Phase 6 project WOO, lottery registration will open at 13:00 on October 29: According to the official announcement of MXC, MXC Matcha will open the sixth phase of SpaceM, and the lottery registration time will be adjusted to October 29, 13:00-21:00. This project is WOO (Wootrade Network). Users who meet the following conditions can participate in the lottery registration: 1. The amount of MX holdings within 15 days is not less than 10,000; Less than 10,000 USDT; 3. From 13:00 on October 28 to 13:00 on October 29, the USDT holdings should not be less than 5,000 pieces. At 13:00 on October 30th, MXC will open WOO/USDT trading. Users can log in to the official homepage of MXC Matcha and select "SpaceM" in "Events" to get WOO at a discounted price. [2020/10/24]

The second phase of MXC SpaceM project JST is about to open lottery registration: According to official news, the second phase of MXC SpaceM, the special channel for mainstream currency transaction volume is in progress. The current project JST will open lottery registration from 16:00 to 20:00 today. Users can participate in the "SpaceM" at the top of the homepage of the website, or at the "More Activities" in the middle of the homepage of the mobile terminal.

In addition, this issue of SpaceM will also add MX and TRX special sessions, and increase the JST lottery quota. The rules of the newly added MX and TRX special sessions will be subject to the announcement. JST is a stablecoin project rooted in the TRON network, and its goal is to provide a fair and decentralized financial platform for global users. For details, please refer to the relevant announcement. [2020/5/5]

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