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Tim Copeland

Tim Copeland

Tim CopelandMedia

Decrypt Deputy Editor-in-Chief.
Tim Copeland

Tim Copeland is Decrypt Deputy Managing Editor at ConsenSys. He is a trained journalist focused on the encryption industry and has interviewed famous figures such as Vitalik Buterin, Zhangpeng Zhao, Roger Ver, Justin Sun, John McAfee, Craig Wright, etc.

Reltime, a Web3 biometric start-up company, completed a financing of US$50 million, and GEM Digital Limited participated in the investment: Golden Finance reported that Reltime, a Norwegian Web3 biometric start-up company, announced that it had completed a financing of US$50 million, and GEM Digital Limited, a digital asset investment company, made a strategic investment. The company said it plans to use the latest funding to expand the global Layer 1 Proof-of-Authority Web3 financial ecosystem, which includes biometric payment cards with cold storage and digital ID. Reltime's Web3 financial ecosystem also includes: "Proof of Deposit" protocol, Reltime decentralized exchange and NFT marketplace, Web3 banking-as-a-service solution, and Metaverse SDK. Reltime has previously said that its biometric cards will be launched first in Europe, Japan, India, Mexico and Brazil before expanding to wider global markets. (biometricupdate) [2022/7/29 2:45:13]

He operates the Decrypt Daily News in the European time zone, ensuring that all published articles have maximum impact and are properly written with SEO in mind.

Ethereum developer Tim Beiko: After the implementation of EIP-1559 on the Ethereum network, the baes fee reaches 150 Gwei: Twitter netizens asked, after the implementation of EIP-1559 on Ethereum, in order to reduce the supply of ETH, how long does the network transaction volume need to last? Extent (burn rate exceeds block reward)? Ethereum developer Tim Beiko stated that under the current gas limit, with baes fees reaching 150 gwei (the block reward is 133, some for the block reward), the PoW chain will be deflationary. On the chain PoS, according to the current daily circulation (about 1100 ETH), in the case of 11 gwei, it will be deflationary. But post-merger, given the increase in validator revenue (from transaction fees/MEV), PoS issuance will likely increase, so the "deflationary figure" will be higher (will be greater than 11 gwei).

It is reported that EIP-1559 attempts to reduce transaction fees by introducing a fixed fee and burning mechanism, which is expected to make the fee market of the Ethereum blockchain more predictable and relieve congestion. [2021/7/16 0:56:51]

Leading crypto news site Decrypt, run by the former editors of Time and WIRED magazines, is backed by ConsenSys but is editorially independent.

Voice | Tim Draper: No one will want to use fiat currency after some improvements in Bitcoin: Golden Finance reported that billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper recently predicted that Bitcoin will gain widespread adoption within the next decade, and cash is obsolete. Once Bitcoin has undergone some improvements, no one wants to use fiat money. I think it will be no more than two or three years. The reason is, no merchant wants to lose 4% every time a credit card is swiped. All these works have been completed. Some of this work has already been done, such as Open Node and the Lightning Network. He hopes that Bitcoin will coincide with technological developments that will allow Bitcoin to compete with cash and outperform cash in various use cases such as merchant payments. [2020/1/21]

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Tim Copeland
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