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Blockchain Connector

Blockchain Connector

Blockchain ConnectorDevelopment

A blockchain community that aggregates talent pools.
Blockchain Connector

Blockchain Connector provides developers with practical blockchain workshops and helps startups and global companies recruit blockchain talent. They understand the talent shortage in the blockchain ecosystem and are on a mission to be the central hub for training and talent acquisition. CEO BB buys 9.3% stake in Silvergate: Jinse Finance reported that according to a document filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, CEO Brendan Blumer has bought a 9.3% stake in the encrypted bank Silvergate (SI), while Block.One An additional 7.5% of the shares were purchased. According to the filing, Blumer bought 2,934,537 shares of the crypto bank on Nov. 16, while Block.One bought 2,363,186 shares.

The acquisition makes Blumer the largest shareholder in Silvergate, according to the latest statistics from FactSet. Shares of Silvergate were up about 5% on Wednesday afternoon. Since FTX, Silvergate's share price has dropped significantly. While FTX has at least $1 billion in deposits with Silvergate, this represents less than 10% of all of its digital asset client deposits. Its CEO also sought to reassure investors that the market volatility caused by the FTX crash would not affect the crypto bankers’ business. [2022/11/24 8:03:00]

Since January 2017, they have been running a series of technical in-depth courses for software engineers in London. The workshop focuses on practical techniques needed when developing and building decentralized applications on Ethereum. Hundreds of developers join regularly to explore the Ethereum platform and ask any questions during the sessions.

NBA team Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has become Blocto's strategic investor and advisor: November 11, according to official news, after NBA Top Shot can be collected and traded in Blocto, NBA team Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is now Become a strategic investor and advisor of Blocto, a cross-chain smart contract wallet.

As previously reported, in October this year, Mark Cuban showed off his NFT holdings on Twitter, including CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, Stoner Cats, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Avastart and other NFT series. [2021/11/11 6:46:02]

News | Sense.Chat created by Block.One Leverages Blockchain Technology to Launch Messenger and EOS Wallet: Sense.Chat Leverages Blockchain Technology to Launch Secure Messenger and EOS Wallet. Currently available on Android and iOS. Users can create a private account that doesn't require a phone number or email, start chatting, and share cryptocurrencies using the built-in digital wallet. Note: Sense.Chat is a DApp built on EOSIO software, originally created by Block.One, whose CTO Daniel Larimer is a pioneer in scalable blockchain technology, and now he continues to work with Voice. [2019/8/19]

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Blockchain Connector
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