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Biyuan Community

Currency source

One-stop digital currency and blockchain comprehensive service platform.
Biyuan Community

One-stop digital currency and blockchain comprehensive service platform. The entire ecosystem of digital currency and blockchain allows more users to understand the digital currency industry, and establishes a transparent industry data database and a fair and just trading platform experience rating system to display and promote blockchain-related innovative projects. To establish an interactive communication bridge between currency and block chain project issuers, trading platforms and investors.

Shanghai Xuhui District invites leading companies in the "Metaverse" industry to hold a closed-door seminar: Jinse Finance reported that on January 27, a group of "Metaverse" celebrities gathered at the Zhita on the West Bank of the Xuhui Riverside to hold a closed-door seminar on the theme of "Metaverse" The seminar discusses the development trends and development opportunities of the "Metaverse". Institutions and enterprises such as Pujiang Laboratory, Treemap Blockchain Research Institute, East China Branch of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Huawei, Tencent, Ali, SenseTime, NetEase, Mihayou, Lilith, Funplus Interactive Entertainment, and Nreal attended. On the new track of "Metaverse", Xuhui District has already reserved a group of professional talents, R&D institutions and high-quality enterprises in the six major technical fields of "Metaverse", and has rich soil for cultivating the high-quality development of "Metaverse" industry. In the future, Xuhui District will keep a close eye on technological evolution and market dynamics, strengthen the exploration and research of the "Metaverse", take the "Metaverse" as a new explosive point, and focus on building a digital economic development pattern of "two poles and two belts" to create a "Metaverse" "Industrial agglomeration" builds nests to attract phoenixes". ( [2022/1/27 9:16:58]

XRabbitsClub NFT floor price breaks through 1ETH: According to Opensea data, the X Rabbits Club NFT floor price breaks through 1ETH, an increase of more than 20 times from the MINT price.

It is reported that XRabbitsClub NFT (XRC) is a Crypto native brand launched by the well-known Chinese IP Lengtu, a series consisting of 7,000 NFTs. This time, the Ouyi NFT market and XRC have reached a cooperation and will jointly issue XRabbitsClub NFT during the public sale stage. Users can log in to the Ouyi NFT market after 13:00 (HKT) on January 17 to purchase MINT at a price of 0.0502ETH. [2022/1/16 8:52:36]

A total of over 1.27 million ETHs have been destroyed on the Ethereum network: Jinse Finance reported that according to Ultrasound data, up to now, a total of 1,278,395.51 ETHs have been destroyed on the Ethereum network. Among them, OpenSea destroyed 133657.52 ETH, ETHtransfers destroyed 124991.78 ETH, and UniswapV2 destroyed 112404.20 ETH.

Note: Since EIP-1559 was introduced in the upgrade of Ethereum London, the Ethereum network will dynamically adjust the BaseFee of each transaction according to the transaction demand and block size, and this part of the fee will be directly burned and destroyed. [2021/12/28 8:08:19]

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Biyuan Community
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