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Stow Protocol

Stow Protocol

Stow ProtocolEthereumConsenSys

The blockchain data protocol built on Ethereum can self-manage data.
Stow Protocol

The blockchain data protocol built on Ethereum can self-manage data. By building decentralized applications on the Stow protocol and using its SDK components, users can liberate their digital identities and securely store and share data in minutes.

Stow Protocol corresponds the distributed data with the real identity on the blockchain network, and can set access permissions for the data of the identity. Its goal is to lead everyone into the Web3.0 era, and at the same time allow developers who are still in Web2.0 to use distributed storage technology to store and share data securely and easily access Ethereum smart contracts.

Cryptostone Launches Encrypted Payment Gateway in Its Anonymous Ecosystem: According to news on June 27, the encryption platform Cryptostone recently launched an encrypted payment gateway in its anonymous ecosystem. Its crypto payment gateway is an online transaction platform that enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Through its CPG API and plug-ins, users can track transaction systems in real time and connect them to their own e-commerce solutions. (The Paypers) [2022/6/27 1:34:30]

Stow Protocol consists of three layers: Smart Contracts permissions to process distributed data; JS interface; Box tool based on Truffle-Box. Stow Protocol provides a server component that queries related data stored on IPFS. This component provides meta-data to query data stored in distributed databases.

Overstock received a new subpoena from the SEC to investigate its previous investment transaction with GSR Group: On March 17, Overstock disclosed in its annual report submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently that Overstock received a subpoena in December. New SEC subpoena for documents relating to operations of GSR and tZERO ATS, LLC. The controversial deal appears likely to be tied to a $5 million investment in tZero by Chinese private equity firm GSR. It is reported that Jinsha River Group (GSR) planned to acquire tZERO tokens at a price of US$400 million in 2018, but with the renegotiation in 2019, the transaction scale continued to shrink, and finally finalized the transaction at a price of US$5 million in March 2019. Makara Capital, another company that planned to participate in the investment, withdrew from the deal. But Overstock revealed that even the agreed $5 million has not yet been paid in full. As of December 31, GSR had only paid $4.4 million, and the rest will be paid by March 31, 2020, the documents show. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is still investigating Overstock over the 2018 tZERO token sale. Overstock said it was cooperating with the SEC investigation and provided the documents requested in the subpoena. (CoinDesk)[2020/3/17]

Stow Protocol uses a distributed platform to store and share any type of vertical data. ChainNews believes that it can achieve two goals, namely, to protect the privacy of user identities and allow the free flow of data. Through the Stow Protocol, individuals can not only interact with data independently of third parties, but also have the opportunity to integrate data into a data pool in which many independent individuals participate. This allows the use of far more datasets than are currently available, while maintaining data security and privacy.

Voice | Overstock CEO: Blockchain technology is more important than the Internet: According to foxbusiness reports, CEO Patrick Byrne said on Tuesday that blockchain technology is more important than the Internet and will change Wall Street, money and banking, land ownership and health These fundamental technologies have changed the way records work far more than the Internet. [2018/8/22]

The Stow Protocol allows individuals to participate in the aggregation of data, and third-party companies need to be compensated for accessing our data, thereby creating opportunities to benefit from shared data (due to the completeness of the data, it can provide very complex fidelity). At the same time, personal data can also be used to create novel services for profit, which can be customized in a more quantifiable and accurate manner according to the needs and wishes of users.

With the advent of the Web3.0 era, the market for data can be balanced between costs and benefits by using the Stow Protocol. Enterprises or third parties can access data through authorization, but it is clear that only consumers can authorize, and consumers must be rewarded. Businesses will need to adapt to their new roles as the control over consumer data they enjoy today will diminish. If enterprises can adapt to distributed distribution, Lianwen is as optimistic about such future opportunities as Linnia.

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Stow Protocol
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