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Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, Bitcoin Suisse.
Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson is Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at Bitcoin Suisse in Switzerland. He has marketing and communication experience in several companies in multiple countries, and joined Bitcoin Suisse in August 2019. During his tenure as head of communication for the Crypto Valley Association, he expanded his membership to more than 1,400.

Julian Lennon is selling NFTs of The Beatles memorabilia: According to news on January 29, Julian Lennon (Julian Lennon) is selling NFTs of The Beatles and John Lennon memorabilia, excluding physical objects. The collection of NFTs includes Paul McCartney's handwritten notes on the song \"Hey Jude\" and the clothes John Lennon wore in the band.

Bidding for the "Hey Jude" note will start at $30,000, while the black cape and Afghan coat worn by John Lennon will enter the auction house for $8,000 and $6,000, respectively. Users will also have the opportunity to bid on NFTs of several guitars owned by Lennon, with an opening price of $4,000 for each guitar NFT.

It is understood that Julian Lennon is the son of John Lennon and his ex-wife Cynthia. This collection of NFTs was built on Polygon through a partnership with YellowHeart. Julian Lennon tweeted that part of the proceeds from the bidding will be donated to the White Feather Foundation to offset the carbon footprint of NFT. (Cryptoglobe) [2022/1/29 9:21:51]

ERC20 Creator Fabian: The user experience established through the blockchain will be simpler than Web2.0: Jinse Finance reported that on February 23, the new live broadcast of "My Friends of Shopkeeper Tong" was held online. During the live broadcast, ERC20 Creator Fabian asked "whether there will be applications that meet multiple protocols in the future" and said that the current development trend of blockchain is very good, and this trend will last for a long time. Now we can see that many ideas have been turned into practical applications, such as DeFi. I think we've only found 1% of the use cases, and the ability for smart contracts to talk to each other is the real beauty of Ethereum. In the blockchain space, I think we are still in a learning phase. Next, I think that the user experience established by blockchain technology will be simpler than Web2.0, that is, you no longer need to design different passwords for different applications, and even if a platform goes down, your information will not disappear. We need a truly decentralized application. [2021/2/25 17:49:43]

Cambrian Raises $4M to Run Cryptocurrency Quantitative Fund: California-based cryptocurrency quantitative fund manager Cambrian Asset Management has raised $4 million in operating capital from technology and financial investors, Golden Finance reports. It is reported that Cambrian currently manages $25 million in funds and has outperformed the Bitwise 10 and Bletchley 10 cryptocurrency fund indexes. [2020/7/24]

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Ian Simpson
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