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A high-performance elastic public chain based on trusted sharding computing.

MultiVAC is a next-generation high-performance public chain designed for large-scale decentralized applications. Through trusted sharding technology, the blockchain system is endowed with the ability of sustainable and unlimited expansion. For the first time, MultiVAC proposed a credibility probability model based on a verifiable random function to select shard nodes, and applied this model to key links such as blockchain transactions, calculations, and storage, so that the task target can be achieved with the participation of some nodes. achieve high reliability. MultiVAC fragments the transactions in the network according to the classic UTXO account model, selects miners to keep accounts through the credibility probability model, and improves the performance of the public chain to the enterprise-level commercial level. As the first public chain in the blockchain field to provide an elastic computing model, MultiVAC creatively proposes technologies such as the PoIE consensus for verifiable computing tasks, the BISC instruction set specially designed for the blockchain, and the MVM virtual machine with general computing capabilities. , so that developers can independently weigh the requirements of consistency, availability and partition tolerance in distributed applications, and provide complete support for complex business logic in the application layer, so as to build a diversified public chain ecosystem more conveniently.

LayerZero Financing Discloses New Participating Institutions, Multicoin, Chairman of the Nike Foundation, etc.: On March 31, the investment institution Multicoin Capital announced its participation in the latest A+ round of financing of LayerZero Labs, an interoperability protocol developer. Multicoin Capital is the leading investor of the company’s first round of financing, and it also disclosed other participants in this round of financing in the announcement, including: Animoca Brands, Softbank CEO Rene Marcelo Claure, Avalanche Ecological Fund, Polygon Ecological Fund, Fantom Ecological Fund , Dapper Labs, Kronos Research, Ethernity, ImToken Ventures, Matrixport, Gemini and other investment institutions, as well as angel investors American football player Tom Brady, singer Justin Timberlake, and Maria Eitel, chairman of the Nike Foundation.

According to previous news, LayerZero Labs completed a US$135 million A+ round of financing at a valuation of US$1 billion. FTX Ventures, Sequoia Capital and a16z jointly led the investment, and Coinbase Ventures, PayPal Ventures, Tiger Global and Uniswap Labs participated in the investment. [2022/3/31 14:28:25]

The core problems that MultiVAC needs to solve are: how to select several nodes in the whole network to form trusted shards; how to process network transactions and record books through trusted shards; how to verify whether nodes have completed computing tasks honestly and credibly. MultiVAC's sharding schemes for transaction processing and contract computing are based on VRF, or Verifiable Random Function, which is a verifiable random function. VRF is a consensus framework as well as a mathematical tool.

Co-founder of MultiCoin Capital: The core of the Metaverse is to allow users to have their own social graph: Jinse Finance reported that Kyle Samani, the co-founder and managing partner of Multicoin Capital, tweeted about the Metaverse. He said: In the Metaverse, there are A theory that the companies that control the social graph will have the strongest influence on the metaverse, so I've been thinking about how to get social graph data from social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Chris Dixon, partner of a16z, agreed with Kyle Samani's idea that "users have their own social graph". He said that one of the core public services that Web 3 can provide is to allow users to "carry their own social network with them". This is actually how email works, and social services can work this way too. [2021/11/12 6:47:42]

Currently, blockchain consensus schemes that use VRF for selection include Algorand, the BLS algorithm used in Dfinity, and the Ouroboros Praos algorithm in Cardano.

Voice | Encrypted hedge fund Multicoin Capital: BNB is the best discounted token model we have encountered: Encrypted hedge fund Multicoin Capital released "Binance Coin (BNB Yuan) Analysis and Evaluation" Monthly is the fastest growing crypto exchange. Trading is one of the few businesses that can generate strong network effects, because the liquidity of its money is always concentrated in large pools. Binance deftly implements regulatory arbitrage. Hence, the team’s judicial flexibility is one of the main reasons Binance has been able to be so successful. Binance Coin is the best discounted coin model we have come across. Discounted tokens are deliberate in that incremental transaction usage increases the price of the token. [2019/2/23]


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