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Polk assemblySubstrate

Discussion and voting platform for Polkadot and Kusama governance.

Polkaassembly is a discussion and voting platform for Polkadot and Kusama governance. It is possible to browse on-chain proposals, discuss with the community, and cast votes directly using browser extensions. Proposal authors are the only ones who can edit proposal posts and descriptions.

The DeFi lending platform Polytrade has reached a cooperation with the encrypted payment gateway Transak: Golden Finance News, the DeFi lending platform Polytrade has reached a cooperation with the encrypted payment gateway Transak. Polytrade users can purchase USDC with credit/debit cards. The integration will allow users to deposit deposits directly into Polytrade wallets, and conduct lending and lending transactions. [2022/4/9 14:14:54]

Polygon official reminder: there are fake "Matic Wallet" APPs in the Google Play store, please do not install: According to official news, Polygon (formerly Matic Network), the Ethereum sidechain expansion solution, issued a warning on Twitter that the Google Play store provided a Fake "Matic Wallet" app. This malicious application has nothing to do with Matic Network or Polygon. Matic does not have a mobile wallet app, please do not install this fake app. [2021/3/2 18:07:24]

Poloniex Team Reimburses Clients Who Lost From CLAM Liquidations: Poloniex’s new leadership team is working hard to get clients who lost millions due to market CLAM token liquidations back on track. On May 26 last year, CLAM plunged by more than two-thirds of its market value during the trading day, and Poloniex said it would reimburse clients for losses incurred as a result of the flash crash. “Earlier today, we made a deposit of 0.0047 BTC to all affected customers who had not paid back in full,” Poloniex said in a statement. For those who lost that amount or less (there are over 1,000 of them), you are now 100% compensated. For all other affected customers, we recognize this is only part of your loss. The 0.0047 BTC equates to a payment of $2.50, the price at which CLAM traded shortly after the flash crash. (The Block[2020/3/18]

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How to claim DOT from Polkadot treasury?

The Ministry of Finance (treasury, also known as the treasury) is through transaction fees, slash penalties, and inefficient Staking (that is.

Polkadot Weekly | After the Staking ratio is adjusted by 75%, the rewards of validators will be increased

Polkadot’s progress this week On June 29th, the Web3 Foundation released a new learning video, sharing how three different blockchains run using the same set of source codes. Polkadot, Kusama.