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Blockchain EXE

Blockchain EXE

Blockchain EXE

Accessible blockchain global information network.
Blockchain EXE

The Blockchain EXE blockchain community aims to become an accessible global information network. The community has 10 major overseas cities, more than 100 speakers, and more than 3,500 participants. It will focus on sharing technical aspects such as principles of operation, fundamentals, applications, etc.

Blockchain game developer Blockade Games completed $5 million in financing, led by Animoca Brands: On November 24th, blockchain game developer Blockade Games completed $5 million in financing at a valuation of $23 million, led by Animoca Brands , Mike Dudas, Meltem Demirors, etc. participated in the investment, and the funds raised will be used to further develop its open source game developer platform. Note: Blockade Games has launched an open source game developer platform as well as the RPG game Neon District. (CoinDesk) [2021/11/24 7:09:10]

OKEx Blockdream Ventures strategically invests in Aurora: On October 15, OKEx Blockdream Ventures made a strategic investment in Aurora, an Ethereum expansion solution based on NEAR, and is an important member of the AuroraDAO committee. Vote on contract governance proposals to achieve community governance, better promote the decentralization of the Aurora ecosystem and help inject new vitality into the Aurora ecosystem dApps.

Aurora is an EVM solution based on NEAR, which provides developers with a complete solution to help them operate their own applications on a platform compatible with Ethereum, high throughput, scalable, and timeless. Its users are offered lower transaction costs. Recently, it has just completed the first round of financing of 12 million US dollars. Participating institutions include Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital and other funds and venture capital institutions. [2021/10/15 20:31:25]

News | CEO slams Facebook, claiming that blockchain can solve privacy problems: According to AMBCrypto, CEO Brendan Blumer (BB) recently said that we live in a world where Facebook can see us . We can see our newsfeed and we know there are algorithms there. We know they are taking our data and using it to serve us ads. We have a rough premise of what's going on, but we can't see anything beneath the surface. I believe blockchains will change this over time, they will change this through consumer-led demand, and people will show us what is hidden beneath the surface. We now want to know what they are doing with our data, how they serve us ads, and who is paying for it. [2019/11/18]

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Blockchain EXE
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