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Token Engineering

Token Engineering

Token EngineeringDevelopment

Knowledge platform + community to develop new token engineering disciplines.
Token Engineering

Creating a tokenized ecosystem is hard. We need to figure out what we want, how to achieve it with block rewards and other cryptographic building blocks, and how to simulate and verify the design, how to predict and respond to attacks, how to update the protocol, and how to better serve it. Design and deployment take responsibility.

The DFI.Money community initiated the YIP 6 proposal: establishing an iToken system for the YFII smart pool: On September 6, the DFI.Money (YFII) community initiated the YIP 6 proposal: establishing an iToken system for the YFII smart pool. It is reported that iToken is the equity token of YFII’s core business Vault, which converts ordinary tokens deposited by investors into YFII Vault into interest-bearing tokens, and continuously improves the value of iToken through the automatic optimization of the income strategy of the Vault. At the same time, iToken complies with the ERC20 standard and can be used to combine with other DeFi products in a Lego style to generate more complex DeFi derivatives. [2020/9/7]

Token Engineering promotes token ecosystem design as a new engineering discipline. That means theory, practice, tools, and accountability all have to keep up. Their goal is to achieve this together in a distributed, open-source fashion, and make it available to all.

News | Tokyo will try out the "Tokyo YUA Coin" point system and consider issuing an independent digital currency: According to NHK reports, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to try out a point system called "Tokyo YUA Coin". The trial is expected to take place from January to February next year in the Otemachi, Marunouchi and Uracho areas along Tokyo's Tokyu Railway. The government is also considering issuing an independent digital currency in the near future. The points system initiative aims to drive the transition to a cashless society, as well as activities related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Tokyo YUA Coin will be distributed to those who use cashless payment methods in their daily lives to contribute to sustainable development goals, such as commuting during off-peak hours to reduce morning and evening rush hour congestion, and shopping with their own reusable bags to reduce plastic waste wait. (Brave New Coin)[2019/12/14]

Analysis | Research: The United States has the most favorable countries for issuing Tokens: According to cointelegraph, analysts at the Digital Currency Finance Conference conducted a study based on public data on funds raised by the top 100 Tokens in the country, and based on the number of Token-issuing projects Countries are ranked. The study showed that the United States, Switzerland, and Singapore were rated as the top three most conducive to issuing Tokens. The study also pointed out that the United States is the most favorable country for issuing Tokens, and a total of 30 companies have issued Tokens in this field. The second country is Switzerland with 15 projects, while Singapore is third with 11 projects. The study also named Russia, Estonia and the United Kingdom as the most promising countries for raising funds for digital currency projects. [2018/7/15]

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Token Engineering
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