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Enable the community to build its own knowledge base.

Kauri enables communities to build their own collective knowledge base. Community members can efficiently comb through foundational resources, helping each other learn and build faster, especially for emerging or rapidly evolving technologies.

OKA listed on MEXC Global, an increase of 4000%: According to official news, the NFT aggregation trading platform Okaleido has launched the ecological token OKA on MEXC Global at 6:00 (UTC) on August 25, with an increase of 4000%. Okaleido is an NFT transaction aggregator on the BNB Chain, and has transaction mining functions, and will also provide comprehensive support for NFTFi. As the functional token of the Okaleido ecosystem, OKA will have multiple functions such as community governance, incentives for ecological construction, settlement within the ecosystem, and transaction dividends. [2022/8/25 12:48:03]

Kauri is designed to be shared and scalable, providing developers, content-ethexc contributors, and the community with a common foundation to output higher quality content. Its original intention is to make it easier for new developers to enter the Ethereum ecosystem and encourage collaboration rather than duplication of development efforts. The project strives to enable the community to weave more open knowledge networks, and to receive recognition and rewards for contributions.

Coinversation won Polkadot's 19th Parachain Slot Auction: News on June 12, Polkadot's 19th Slot Auction ended at around 16:00 on June 12. Coinversation wins the rental usage period of this slot.

According to reports, Coinversation Protocol is the first decentralized contract trading platform and synthetic asset issuance agreement based on the Polkadot contract chain. [2022/6/13 4:20:51]

Kavita Gupta, the former head of ConsenSys Ventures, launched the Delta Blockchain Fund: On September 22, Kavita Gupta, the former head of ConsenSys Ventures, launched the Delta Blockchain Fund with a target size of US$50 million to US$100 million. Gupta said she started building the fund about six weeks ago. It will invest in NFTs, DeFi, scalability and multi-chain interoperability with a focus on decentralized identity. Another focus is looking at storage and compute from a hardware and software perspective, which she believes is important to support institutional adoption. The newly established Delta Blockchain Fund was oversubscribed in the first round of financing, exceeding US$30 million, and attracted investment from project founders such as Quantstamp and Polygon, Viraj Mehta (Rosy Blue), Klaus Hommels (Lakestar).

It is reported that Gupta previously managed a fund of more than $50 million for ConsenSys Ventures in 2018. She left the company in 2019 to teach at Stanford University. (CoinDesk) [2021/9/22 16:58:34]


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